Modi-Modi in Denmark: PM praises Indians, emphasizes on increasing India’s tourism and startups, read the highlights of the speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Danish capital Copenhagen on Tuesday, the second day of his Europe tour. From being received at the airport here to the program of the Indian community, Danish Prime Minister Mate Fredriksson stayed with Modi. Addressing the Indian community at the Bella Center here, PM Modi, our dress, food and drink may be different, but our value-coexistence is the same. This is our strength.


He further said that those whose roots are somehow connected with Mother India, they have respect for the rule of law. Wherever an Indian goes in the world, he contributes sincerely to the cause of his karmabhoomi. When I meet foreign leaders, they proudly tell me the achievements of the Indians of their country. They never tire of appreciating the nature of Indians. This is at the core of your behavior and culture. That’s why I dedicate the congratulations I am getting to you.

PM Modi expresses gratitude to Indians in Denmark

Earlier, addressing the Indian community at the Bella Center, PM Modi said, “I am very grateful to all of you for the warm welcome you have given to the Prime Minister of Denmark and to me here. Prime Minister Frederickson being here today is a testament to the love and respect he has for Indians.

PM Modi said that due to Corona, everyone’s life was going on in a virtual mode for a long time. As soon as movement became possible last year, Prime Minister Frederickson was the first Head of Government we had the opportunity to welcome to India. This shows the growing relations between India and Denmark.

PM Modi further said that our Green Strategic Partnership is inspired by Prime Minister Frederickson’s personal priorities, his values. The discussions that I have had with them today will give new strength, new energy to the relations between the two countries.

PM Modi said on start ups

Addressing the Indian community, PM Modi emphasized on startups. He said that about 75 months back we started the Start Up India program. Back then we were nowhere to be counted as a start up ecosystem. Today we are number 3 in the world in terms of unicorns. Today India is the third largest ecosystem in the world in terms of start ups.

‘When India’s power increases, the world’s power increases’

When the power of India increases, the power of the world increases. In the role of Pharmacy of the World, India has supported the whole world in difficult times, has sent medicines to many countries so that we do not lag behind in this work of humanity in times of crisis and keep helping the world.

‘Climate action is not successful due to Modi-Modi’

Climate action doesn’t seem to be successful yet. Few a few exceptions would be able to do something. But the reason we are able to do it is because we have been seeing climate action as the responsibility of multilateral institutions of governments. Until the society accepts it completely. It is not done by doing Modi-Modi. This is happening because every Indian does whatever he can with his determination. When everyone considers it their responsibility, then we do not stay away from the goal.

PM Modi gave the task to the Indian community

Emphasizing on India’s tourism at Bella Center, PM Modi said that can you send your five non-Indian friends to see India, explain to them that we have this in Tamil Nadu, this is in Bengal, this is in Odisha Is. You know how powerful you will become. Then do not say that there was no direct flight there. This is not the job of those who cry. There was a time when there was no air travel. My country was such that people have come to my country on foot. This is not the job of the ambassador, but of the ambassadors. Ambassadors are one, national ambassadors are in millions.