Mob lynching in Meghalaya, prisoners escaping from jail were beaten to death by villagers

Four criminals who had escaped from Jowai Jail in Meghalaya were lynched to death by a mob. The incident took place in Shangpung village of West Jaintia Hills district on Sunday. DGP LP Bishnoi said that the bodies of the dead have been taken to the hospital. Here the dead bodies will be identified. Six prisoners had escaped from Jowai district jail on Saturday. This gang had attacked the prison guard with a knife.

beaten to death with rods and sticks

According to DGP Bishnoi, the escaped prisoners are I Love You Talang, Ramesh Dakhar, Marsanki Tairiang, Rikmenlang Lamare, Shidorki Dakhar and Lodester Tang. In this, Ramesh Dakhar was arrested in a double murder case with I Love You Talang. The video of all of them being beaten up also went viral on social media on Sunday. It is seen in the video that villagers are seen beating these runaway criminals with rods and sticks.

hid in the woods

Aa Rabon, the head of Shangpung village, told that after escaping from prison, these people were hiding in a forest near the village. One of the prisoners had gone to a nearby tea stall to buy food. During this time some local people recognized him. After this the whole village came to know about the hiding of criminals there. The people of the village chasing them reached near the forest and surrounded the area. After that he started beating them. During this, a criminal named Ramesh Dakhar managed to escape.

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