Missing cheetah Ovan caught from Kuno National Park, this update brought hope

Ovan Cheetah, who had escaped from Kuno National Park in Sheopur, was finally caught. Ovan Cheetah, who has been absconding for the last several days, was seen in residential areas on Thursday. In the evening, Ovan was caught by the forest department team by running a rescue operation. The team has gone to Kuno National Park in Sheopur with Ovan. Please tell that after Ovan, the female cheetah Asha also disappeared from the forest. It is being told that Asha is still not back in the forest. Please tell that Ovan has gone missing five days ago. Now he has been caught after tranquilizing him. Now the Forest Department is constantly trying to catch Asha.

On the other hand, after Ovan was caught, the villagers heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, 5 days ago, a male cheetah named Ovan had escaped from Kuno National Park, which was roaming in the residential area adjacent to the forest of Bairad tehsil area of ​​Shivpuri district for the last 3 days. On Thursday evening, a special team from South Africa has caught the cheetah after conducting a rescue operation from the forest of Dabarpura village in Bairad tehsil area. The team of Kuno National Park was keeping a close watch on every activity of the cheetah as soon as it came out of the park boundary. Along with this, for the last 3 days, the team of Pohri Forest Department and Police was also deployed under the protection of Cheetah. On Thursday morning, the cheetah came out of the forest of Ghazigarh village and reached the forest and fields of Dabarpura village. Due to the influx of cheetah, there was panic among the villagers of the area.

looking for hope

Asha is still out of the custody of the forest staff. The female cheetah Asha is out of the den for the last four days. On which the Forest Department staff is monitoring. On Thursday, Asha was seen around the place of Sair Baba in the forest of the famous Dhauret Sarkar temple in Virpur area, which comes under the buffer zone of Kuno. There is also a dense forest and there are natural springs of water nearby. Other wildlife is also here in large numbers, perhaps that is why Asha is liking this area very much.

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