Military talks with China have nothing to do with ‘any external issue’: India

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India said on Thursday that its military talks with China over the border dispute had nothing to do with “any external issues”. The remarks came against the backdrop of the recently concluded Indo-US Two Plus Two talks in which both The countries discussed China’s military aggression in eastern Ladakh and the Indo-Pacific region and signed a strategic defense agreement.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said about the next round of core commander-level talks with China that both sides would continue to negotiate through military and diplomatic channels and arrive at a mutually agreeable solution for the withdrawal of troops at the earliest Have agreed to

Speaking to reporters, he said, “Let me make it clear that there is no connection between this and any external issue.” In addition to questions related to the border dispute with China, he was also asked whether China delayed the next round of military talks on the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) between India and the US.

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Srivastava said, “With regard to the recent two plus two … the Foreign Minister had said that our talks on the Indo-Pacific region had special attention. We reiterated the importance of prosperity, stability and peace for all countries in the region. He said, this is possible only when the rules-based international system is maintained, freedom of navigation in the international seas is ensured … The territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states are respected.

Referring to the last round of military talks between Indian and Chinese forces on October 12, Srivastava said that this led to intense discussions between the two sides and increased understanding of each other’s stance. He said, the two sides had agreed to continue negotiations through military and diplomatic channels and arrive at a mutually acceptable solution for the withdrawal of troops as soon as possible.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the two sides agreed on the understanding between the leaders of the two countries that differences should not be allowed to turn into disputes and jointly safeguard peace in the border areas. Seven rounds of high-level military dialogue have been held between the two sides so far over the border dispute. However, there has been no breakthrough in the withdrawal of troops from the conflict locations. India is of the view that it is the responsibility of China to carry forward the process for withdrawal of troops and reduction of tension from the conflict areas in the mountainous region.

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