Mehbooba Mufti targets BJP – Who is the Muslim terrorist and Sikh Khalistani?

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Mehbooba Mufti, chief of the PDP, a party in Jammu and Kashmir, has targeted the BJP. The Mufti says that the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to create an ecosystem where there is no place for democracy. Accusing the BJP, Mufti said that they called Muslims as ‘Pakistanis’, Sardars as ‘Khalistani’, activists as ‘Urban Naxals’ and students as ‘anti nationals’ and ‘piecemeal gangs’. In such a situation, I am unable to understand that if everyone is terrorist and anti-national then who is Indian in this country? Are only BJP people Hindustani?

The Mufti also referred to the DDC elections being held in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that when we decided to participate in the DDC elections, harassment has increased in Jammu and Kashmir. PAGD candidates have been limited and they are not allowed to go out for campaigning. If they are not allowed to ask for votes, how will the candidates contest the election?

He further said about Article 370 that until the Kashmir issue is resolved, the problem will remain and will persist. The problem will not be resolved until they reinstate Article 370. Ministers will come and go. There is no solution to the problem just by holding elections.

Accusing the BJP, he also said that he wants to ban my party, because I raise my voice. I am repeatedly told that Section 370 has been talked about since my release, but what can I do about it.

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