MBA student reached the wedding to eat free food, had to wash the plates; VIDEO VIRAL

A video of a man being forced to wash utensils at a wedding ceremony in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral. The video reveals that the person is an MBA student. For turning up uninvited at a wedding, she was punished for washing dishes.

In the viral video, a man can be heard asking an MBA student, “Do you know the punishment for free food? You wash the utensils properly at your home?” The person who caught the student asked him about his whereabouts while recording the video. Let us tell you that the student is a resident of Jabalpur and studies MBA in Bhopal. The man asks the student, “You are doing MBA and your parents don’t send money? You are giving bad name to Jabalpur.”

An MBA student is asked, “How do you feel after washing the plates?” The student said, “Sir, you have eaten free food, you will have to do something.”

Though no formal complaint has been made regarding the incident, the video has created a storm on social media after it went viral. Many users have commented that this is very common for students living in hostels. The person who made the video has made derogatory remarks.

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