Marriage does not mean only physical pleasure, it is also necessary to increase the family: Madras High Court

While hearing a case of child custody, the Madras High Court has made important observations regarding marriage. The court said that the meaning of marriage is not only to get physical pleasure but also to take forward the family. The court said that this is the only basis from which the chain of the family moves forward. The court said that in any marriage, children are the basis of keeping them together between the couple. Justice Krishnan Ramaswamy said during the hearing of the case that the relationship between the couple could end. But they continue to have a relationship with the children as mother and father.

He said that for any child both his mother and father are important, even if one of them is married to the other. The court made this observation during the hearing of the ongoing case between the lawyer couple regarding the custody of the child. In fact, the lawyer man did not allow the wife to meet his child even after several orders given by the court. The woman then moved the court and said that the husband has tried to nullify her rights as parents. To do so is wrong and it is going to take away his rights.

Hearing this, Justice Ramaswamy said, ‘It is wrong to set a child against his own mother or father. It is in a way to turn him against himself. A child needs both the hands directly i.e. mother and father are necessary for him. Children need parents for their whole life and especially till they reach adulthood. Not only this, Justice Ramaswamy said that there can be no feeling of hatred towards the parents in the child unless someone close and trusted by him instigates him. He said that it is not right that the child, who is in custody, should try to instigate him against the other parent.

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