Manoj Jha reached Rabri residence, said – Bihar always gives unilateral results

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There is little time left for the counting of votes for the Bihar assembly elections. Meanwhile, the exit poll estimates put Rashtriya Janata Dal leader and activist confident and enthusiastic. Meanwhile, RJD Spokesperson Manoj Jha, who arrived at the residence of former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, while answering the questions of journalists, said that Bihar never does neck to neck. Returns unilateral results. He said that this time Bihar has to give a message to the whole country.

Manoj Jha had a grin on his face and after saying this he deflected other media questions. Hanging bags on the shoulder, Manoj Jha went directly inside the Rabri residence. It is clear that the RJD is enthralled by the exit poll estimates, but at the moment its leaders are avoiding speaking more. Everyone is waiting for the counting of votes to begin and the real results are out. But the crowd gathered at Tejaswi, Rabri house has been saying that the exit poll has been filled with enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the RJD after a long time.

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