Man clashed with leopard to save child, badly injured; caught after a day’s work

A leopard entered a residential area in Kalyan in Thane district. Just then a man had gone out for a walk with his 6-year-old child. The leopard attacked the child. According to officials, the leopard had entered the Anurag Tower area. When the victim was walking with his son, suddenly the leopard came in front. After this, he fought with the leopard to save the child. During this he got injured.

The victim has been admitted to Ulhasnagar Civil Hospital. The leopard was later cornered in a building. After struggling till evening, the team of Sanjay Gandhi National Park was able to catch him. The game of hide and seek between the team and the leopard went on for about 12 hours.

Please tell that this incident did not happen only in Kalyan but has also been seen in Moorbad, Badlapur, Ulhasnagar, Sahapur, Padgha, Kasara and Dolkhamb in the last 8 months. Due to this there is an atmosphere of fear among the people living here. On the other hand, a day earlier the officials had said that the leopard had come from the side of Haji Malang hills. There is a very dense forest there.

A few days back a leopard had fallen into a well in Nashik. After this, when the villagers came to know about this, they took out the leopard with the help of a rope. He also informed about this to the Forest Department. The forest department team went away with the leopard.

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