Mamta’s senior leader of TMC not happy with ‘PK’? Unable to digest I-PAC

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For next year’s assembly elections in West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress has given election strategist Prashant Kishore (PK) the responsibility of planning the party. Prashant Kishore’s agency I-PAC (I-PAC) has also been working for Mamta Banerjee’s party TMC for the past several months, but in the meantime many senior party leaders are not able to interfere with PK’s agency. The TMC MLA from Barrackpore Assembly, attacking Prashant Kishore’s agency, announced that he would not contest the upcoming assembly elections.

TMC MLA from Bengal’s Barrackpore Assembly seat Silbhadra Dutta said, “An external agency is teaching me how to do politics.” I came into politics when I was in class 6th. Right now I am 62 years old, but unfortunately, I got to hear from an employee of that agency that I do not have to worry about votes because the agency has been chosen to contest for us. They are asking me about my caste because they want to introduce caste-based politics. ”The MLA further said that I have told him that it is not Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar or Delhi.

Earlier, Prashant Kishore has helped BJP, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, YSR Congress to contest and win elections. After the BJP captured 42 seats in the state in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mamata Banerjee assigned Prashant Kishore. TMC’s total seats in that election were reduced from 34 to 22.

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While Dutta did not name the I-Pack while attacking PK’s agency, another MLA directly attacked Ipac, saying that it was not right for the party to direct that any agency How to run a party. TeamAC MLA from Cooch Behar South, Mihir Goswami said, “I-pack, the contract agency, will not be good for the party if it instructs the party how to work.” If a party wants the agency to run the party then 100 percent of the party will have to bear the loss. The workers should handle the work related to the party. ”

Another senior TMC leader said on condition of anonymity that state government transport minister Suvendu Adhikari does not like the I-Pack’s interference in the organization. Addressing a program, he said that in the year 1995, I was the counselor of the undivided Congress. I haven’t jumped with a parachute. Nor did I take the lift to reach here. I have moved up the ladder step by step. Nobody will stop us.

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Mamta Banerjee has done many major changes

In view of the 2021 Bengal assembly elections, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee recently made a major reshuffle to bring some new faces to the party and remove some old faces. Insiders said that behind this reshuffle is a year-long assessment of Prashant Kishore and his team’s ground reality. While I-Pack refused to comment on this, TMC spokesman Tapas Roy said that he is the senior leader of our party, but everyone should follow the party guidelines. No person is above the party.

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