Maharashtra: Shiv Sena is ending, should NCP back down now? Ajit Pawar replied

Image Source : ANI
Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and NCP leader Ajit Pwar


  • Ajit said – NCP will continue to support Uddhav Thackeray
  • “Government is not in minority, they are MLAs of Shiv Sena”
  • “No minister, MLA had any deficiency or problem”

Maharashtra: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said in a press conference on Friday that NCP will continue to support Uddhav Thackeray. He said that there is going to be a meeting between Uddhav and Sharad Pawar this evening. At the same time, on the question related to the disqualification of the MLAs, Ajit said that it will be decided by the Deputy Speaker. Ajit Pawar said that we had come to meet Sharad Pawar and will now go to meet Uddhav.

Should NCP back down on moral grounds?

Ajit Pawar said that we will talk to CM Thackeray, how will the government work in the future. He said that we do not have the right to speak about the suspension of MLAs. The legislature has the matter of dismissal, they can seek legal advice. It is out of our jurisdiction. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the government is not in a minority, he is an MLA of Shiv Sena. During this, when the correspondent of India TV asked whether NCP should not back down on moral grounds because Uddhav’s party is coming to an end? On this, Ajit Pawar turned round and said that as the Chief Minister, we are supporting him.

“No minister-MLA had any problem”

Ajit Pawar further said that no minister MLA had any deficiency or problem, after becoming a minister, he had the right to everything. Corona happened in the middle, so we could not meet properly. The rebel MLAs belong to Shiv Sena, 40 are theirs… what should I say on that? He said that even today the government is in the majority and even today it has the right to take decisions. In the press conference, he said that those people are expressing no confidence on the deputy speaker but there should be a basis behind it. Many times it happens, if there is anything in Aadhaar, then no confidence will be valid with the deputy speaker.

What did Ajit say on the role of BJP?

Responding to the role of BJP behind the ongoing power struggle in Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar said that yesterday I have presented my side. I put my side on what I know. Seniors may have a different opinion than mine as they know more than me on many issues. Let us inform that on Thursday, when Ajit Pawar had denied the role of BJP, Sharad Pawar had disagreed with his statement.

Will meet Chief Minister Thackeray

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar told that Sharad Pawar, Jayant Patil, Praful Patel will go to Matoshree at 6:30 to meet CM Uddhav. He said that he would go to Matoshree in the evening and discuss the current situation. Ajit made it clear that our support is for Uddhav. Ajit Pawar said that we will talk to CM Thackeray, we will discuss how the government will work in the future.

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