Maharashtra: Horrific accident on Pune-Bengaluru highway, 48 vehicles collided with each other; more than 50 injured

Around 50 people were injured in a horrific road accident in Maharashtra’s Pune on Sunday night. 48 vehicles collided with each other at Nawale bridge on the Pune-Bengaluru highway. Rescue teams have reached the spot to save the injured people in the accident. Pune Fire Brigade said that their and Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s teams are present at the spot and people are being rescued.

According to local media, around 40-50 people are expected to be injured in the accident. The injured are being treated at a nearby hospital. Brake failure of a container is said to be the reason behind the accident. The container going from Mumbai to Satara suddenly suffered brake failure due to which the driver lost control.

After this, more than 45 vehicles running forward and backward collided with each other. This incident is being told around 8.30 and 9.00 pm. The oil that came out of the car after the accident also increased the difficulties of the vehicles coming behind. Due to this many vehicles slipped and collided with the nearby vehicles.

Following the accident, Pune’s BJP MLA Siddharth Shirole urged people on Twitter not to share any unverified news of the accident. He tweeted, “Unfortunate accident at Nawale Bridge on Pune-Bengaluru Highway. Fire Brigade and PMRDA rescue teams are at the spot and taking care of the injured. I request citizens not to share unverified forwards And also avoid going on the spot and interfering with trained professionals.

Navale Bridge located in Pune is becoming a hot spot of accidents for the last few days. Many people have lost their lives. For this reason, it was proposed to connect the bridge with the Vadgaon Bridge so that such accidents do not happen again. The proposal was given to the Pune Municipal Corporation by the National Highways Authority of India.

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