Maharashtra: fire in Bhandara district hospital, 10 newborns burnt alive

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10 children have died in a fire at a district hospital in Bhandara, Maharashtra. The age of these children is being told from one day to 3 months. According to the news, this fire took place in the ICU (SNCU) for sick newborns. The fire started at 2 pm. According to the information so far, 7 children have been safely rescued from the fire. The cause of the fire is not clear at the moment but in some media reports the shot circuit is being cited as the cause of the fire.

According to District Hospital’s Civil Surgeon Doctor Pramod Khandate, the fire broke out in the hospital’s Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) at 2 pm. 10 children burnt to death in the fire and 7 children have been rescued safely.

According to media reports, the children’s ward caught fire due to a short circuit at the district hospital in Bhandara late at night. There were a total of 17 children in this ward. Seeing the smoke coming out of the ward, the nurse first alerted everyone and by the time everyone reached the ward, 10 children had lost their lives. However, 7 children present there have been safely rescued.