Madras High Court convicted YouTuber for contempt of court, jailed for six months

The Madras High Court on Thursday directed a well-known YouTuber A.K. Shankar alias ‘Savakku’ Shankar was convicted of criminal contempt and sentenced to six months in jail. The court took suo motu cognizance of the case against Shankar. The court observed that during the last hearing, the accused had not expressed any anguish over his act and had admitted to making the kind of statement which led to the imputation.

A bench of Justices GR Swaminathan and B Pugalendhi had asked Shankar why he should not be held guilty of humiliating the judiciary by allegations of corruption. It should also be noted that the contemnor has admitted to making all the alleged statements, the bench said.

There is also no need for any forensic investigation to conclude that these are prima facie reprehensible and have hurt the dignity of the judiciary institution. Shankar had given a statement that there was corruption in the entire judiciary after which he was issued a show cause notice.

The bench said, “The contemnor has the right to mention corruption incidents, but there should be evidence in support of them. The entire institution cannot be blamed for some incidents. It would mean crossing the Lakshman Rekha.

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