Madhya Pradesh by-election result 2020: see seat-wise list of won and lost candidates

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Madhya Pradesh By Election Result 2020: Counting of by-elections in 28 assembly seats of Madhya Pradesh is in the last round. Results of more than two-thirds of the seats have been released so far. The results of some seats are yet to come, but the winning candidate can be estimated based on the estimate of the number and increase.

The nexus between BJP and former Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia led from the beginning and led to a resounding victory in 19 seats till the last round trends. At the same time, Congress, which has lost Siddhinaya and his supporting legislators, may have to be content with only 9 seats.

According to the data released by the Election Commission (, the results of 17 seats have been declared so far, in which BJP candidates on 12 seats and Congress candidates in 5 seats were clearly won. Have been At the same time, counting on the remaining seats is in the final stage. Which candidate won or lost on MP’s 28 assembly seats by how many votes? See further details of the seat-wise candidates who won

MP By Elections Results 2020: See seat-wise won-lost candidates list-

1- Jaura Assembly Seat
BJP’s Subedar Singh Rajodha leads by 13177 votes
Pankaj Upadhyay of Congress is behind

2- Sumauli Assembly Seat
Ajab Singh Kushwaha of Congress won by 10947 votes
BJP’s Adal Singh Kasna lost

3- Morena Assembly Seat
Rakesh Mavai of Congress won by 5751 votes
BJP’s Raghuraj Singh Kansana in second place

4- Dimni Assembly Seat
Ravindra Singh Tom of Congress ahead of 26000 votes
BJP’s Girraj Dandotiya is behind

5- Ambah Assembly Seat
BJP’s Kamlesh Jatav ahead by 13892 votes
Satyaprakash Sakhawar of Congress is behind

6- Mehgaon Assembly Seat
OPS Bhadoria of BJP ahead of 7039 votes
Congress’s Hemant Satyadev is behind

7- Gohad Assembly Seat
Mevaram Jatav of Congress ahead of 11899 votes
BJP’s Ranveer Jatav is behind

8- Gwalior Assembly Seat
Pradyuman Singh Tomar of BJP ahead by 28731 votes
Congress’s Sunil Sharma behind

9– Gwalior East Assembly seat
Dr. Satish Sikarwar of Congress ahead of 1848 votes
BJP’s Munnalal Goyal is behind

10- Dabra Assembly seat
Suresh Raje of Congress ahead of 4040 votes
BJP behind Imrati Devi

11- Bhander assembly seat
BJP’s Raksha Santram Saronia won by 161 votes
Phool Singh Baraiya of Congress is in second place

12- Kareda Assembly Seat
Pragilal Jatav of Congress ahead by 29104 votes
Jasmant Jatav behind BJP

13- Pohri Assembly Seat
Suresh Dhak of BJP ahead of 22254 votes
Bail’s Kailash Kushwaha behind

14- Bamori Assembly Seat
Mahendra Singh Sisodia of BJP won by 53153 votes
Kanhaiyalal Agarwal of Congress lost

15- Ashok Nagar Assembly Seat
Jajpal Singh ‘Jazji’ of BJP won by 14630 votes
Congress hopes double number two

16- Mungauli Assembly seat
BJP’s Brajendra Singh Yadav won by 21469 votes
Kanhairam Lodhi of Congress is in second place

17- Surkhi Assembly Seat
Govind Singh Rajput of BJP won by 40991 votes
Congress’s Parul Sahu lost

18- Malhara Assembly Seat
Pradyuman Singh Lodhi of BJP ahead of 17567 votes
Congress Ramsia Bharti behind

19- Anuppur assembly seat
Bisahu Lal Singh of BJP won by 34864 votes
Vishwanath Singh of Congress is in second place

20- Sanchi Assembly Seat
Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary of BJP won by 63809 votes
Congress’s Madanlal Chaudhary lost

21- Beora Assembly Seat
Amalihat-Ramchandra Dangi of Congress won by 12102 votes
Narayan Singh Pawar of BJP is in second place

22- Agar Assembly Seat
Vipin Wankhede of Congress won by 1998 votes
BJP’s Manoj Manohar Utwal loses

23- Hatpipliya assembly seat
BJP’s Manojnarayan Chaudhary won by 13904 votes
Rajveer Singh Baghel of Congress lost

24- Mandhata Assembly Seat
Narayan Singh Patel of BJP won by 22129 votes
Uttam Pal Singh of Congress is in second place

25- Nepanagar Assembly Seat
BJP’s Sumitra Devi Kasdekar won by 26340 votes
Congress’s Ramishan Patel loses

26- Badnawar Assembly seat
Rajwardhan Singh of BJP won by 32133 votes
Kamal Singh Patel of Congress lost

27- Saver Assembly Seat
BJP’s Tulsiram Silawat ahead by 40881 votes
Premchand Guddu of Congress is behind

28- Suwasra Assembly Seat
BJP’s Doong Hardeep Singh won by 29440 votes
Rakesh Patidar of Congress lost

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