Ludhiana: No Agneepath plan, foreign conspiracy behind the attack on Ludhiana station! Big evidence found by the police


The role of foreign forces is coming to the fore behind the attack on Ludhiana station under the guise of protests against the central government’s Agneepath scheme. Foreign connections of the attack have been revealed in the police investigation. Police have scanned the WhatsApp chats of mobile phones of 6 youths involved in the attack. In this the entire planning of attack on Ludhiana station has been exposed.

The police have received international numbers from WhatsApp groups, which have nothing to do with the army’s recruitment scheme. Despite this, these numbers were playing an active role in the WhatsApp group protesting against the recruitment scheme and instigating the youth for nuisance. These numbers are being thoroughly scrutinized. Police investigation has revealed that the attack was carried out in a well-planned manner.

The youth were brainwashed by creating WhatsApp groups in a pre-planned manner and they were attacked by gathering them at one place. Before the attack, youths were gathered in Ludhiana and then the group was incited to create riots by sending provocative messages. They first gathered at Bharat Nagar Chowk. Then after vandalizing the railway road through the Jagraon bridge, while making a nuisance, they reached Ludhiana station.

The conspiracy to spoil the atmosphere under the guise of Agneepath was made in WhatsApp groups only. After scanning the CCTV footage, the police have started investigating the call details of the arrested accused and foreign connections of the attack, in which many important information related to the conspiracy has been handed over. After this, many suspicious numbers have come on the radar of the police.

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