LIVE: Who will become the White House Big Boss? Biden steps away from victory

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The counting of votes for the presidential election in Merika continues, with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and his fellow Indian-origin candidate for the post of Vice President, Kamala Harris, appearing to be leading the victory. Biden has won 264 electoral votes after winning the Michigan and Wisconsin provinces after a hard-fought vote count.

He now needs only six electoral votes to reach the magic figure of 270 to become America’s next president. According to the latest report, Democratic Party candidate Biden is also in the lead in Nevada province, which may make it easier for him to reach the White House. Although the final results of the presidential election are expected by the end of this week.

US Presdential Election Result Live Updates:

– TrnP has got 214 electoral college votes. The path to the current president, however, is tough as Trump will have to win four remaining ‘battleground states’ Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada to reach the magical figure of 270. Battlegrounds are called states where the trend is unclear.

Young voters have played an important role in the US presidential election and their choice can shape the election result. According to Tufts University’s’ Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), youth between the ages of 18 and 29 have recorded a record turnout in elections.

– Biden is leading in Minnesota, New Hampshire and Arizona, while Republican candidate Donald Trump leads in Florida, Ivo, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Biden and Trump are in a thunderstorm and both leaders are claiming their victories, but both are far from the magical figure of 270.

In Georgia province, there is a close fight between Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and President and Republican candidate Donald Trump. According to a Fox News report, 98 percent of the votes have been counted so far, with Trump getting 49.8 percent of the vote, while Biden also voted for 49 percent. Earlier, trumps were going ahead in Georgia. According to Fox News, Biden is only 27 electoral votes away from winning the 2020 US presidential election, while President Trump still needs 56 electoral votes to become Commander-in-Chief again.

– US President Donald Trump has reached court to stop counting in Georgia. The Associated Press has given this information in its report. Earlier Wednesday, on Wednesday, he appealed to the court to stop the counting of ballot papers in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump says his observers were unlawfully denied entry into elections.

In the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said that he will win the presidential election when the counting of votes ends. “After the late night counting, it became clear that we would get the 270 electoral votes needed for the presidency,” Biden said Wednesday. He said that he is not making any announcement, but he is confident that he will win. CNN News Channel quoted Biden as saying, “We have been campaigning as Democrats, but I will work as the US President.”

Trump reaches court to stop counting votes in Michigan
US President Donald Trump has reached court in Michigan to stop counting votes. This information was given by Trump’s manager Bill Stephen on Friday. He reports that Trump has appealed to the court to stop counting votes in Michigan. He said, ‘We have filed an appeal in the court of Mishgan to stop counting of votes till the counting of votes is done properly. We have also demanded a review of the ballot papers opened and counted because we do not find them correct. ‘

Biden wins in Michigan: CNN
Democratic candidate Joey Biden has won in the state of Michigan in the US presidential election. This information has been given by CNN News Channel. According to CNN, Biden will receive 16 more electoral votes. Donald Trump won this state in the last election.

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