Lattu on China, neglect of India; Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s target on Rahul Gandhi

Lattu on China, neglect of India;  Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s target on Rahul Gandhi

The comments made by Rahul Gandhi on China during his UK visit are not leaving him behind. Now Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has targeted Rahul for his comments. Jaishankar said that it bothers him to see Congress leaders harping on China and neglecting India. Jaishankar’s remarks came days after Rahul targeted the foreign minister and the government over its approach to dealing with China’s challenges.

Said – India is shown inferior

India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that as a citizen of India, it bothers me to see that someone is lashing out at China but ignoring India. Speaking at an India Today program, Jaishankar said that you know what word comes to his mind when he talks about China, ‘harmony’. One word to refer to India is ‘Vaimanasya’. In response to a question, Jaishankar also cited Rahul Gandhi’s statement in which he compared the manufacturing capabilities of China. Jaishankar said that while praising that China is such a great manufacturer, no one can do this. Yes, China has done a great job and no one can do it. But when it comes to India, they downplay it in every possible way.

Rahul is lowering the national morale

The Foreign Minister of India said that Rahul Gandhi says that Make in India does not work. I mean when you made Covaxin, Congress was saying that Covaxin doesn’t work. You can objectively assess the progress of other countries. There is nothing wrong in this. But to talk about a competitive relationship in the current situation. Jaishankar also accused Rahul Gandhi of undermining India’s national morale. Jaishankar said that you are telling me that I am scared, I ask you why someone is lowering the national morale like this. Not only economic, now we also look at security. In the same talk, he praises the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. Jaishankar said that China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir which is a violation of our national integrity and sovereignty, but Rahul did not utter a word about it.

mention of american writer

Referring to comments made by American author Michael Pillsbury, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that when China tries to be a hawk hugging a panda, it cannot fly. In his remarks, Pillsbury referred to some panda huggers in the US. In response to a question, he said that like others, I also saw what Rahul Gandhi said in Britain. Obviously there is a lot of politics in this. I am putting it aside because politics allows some leeway.

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