Lashkar-e-Khalsa, a new terrorist organization trying to attack in India, agencies submitted intelligence report to the government

The government has received intelligence about a new terrorist organization named ‘Lashkar-e-Khalsa’. The terrorist organization is also planning to launch attacks in the national capital and Jammu and Kashmir before or during the Independence Day celebrations. It is said about it that it was made by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Many other terrorist organizations are also associated behind this.

In its report, The Tribune quoted sources as saying that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has submitted its detailed report to the central government regarding the terrorist organization. This report suggests that Lashkar-e-Khalsa has been specially created by Pakistan-based terror organizations to carry out terror attacks in India with the active support of ISI.

According to sources, the IB has submitted its 10-page report to the government. In this, the entire functioning of the new terrorist organization has been given. The intelligence agency said that this terrorist organization has been formed recently and it also includes Afghan fighters. The report mentions violent incidents in Udaipur in Rajasthan and Amravati in Maharashtra. These incidents have been cited to show how radical groups are active, which can create a riot-like situation.

Sources said that the IB has also mentioned the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in its report. Abe was recently killed by a gunman in an attack from behind. Sources said security agencies have been advised to take extra precautions during the programmes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unfurl the tricolor at the Red Fort here on the occasion of Independence Day. Sources said that in the report, the IB has also warned that Lashkar-e-Khalsa may attack civilians of Afghanistan and Sudan, who are currently residing in India.

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