Kurukshetra: Varun has overtaken Rahul-Priyanka on the ‘Agneepath’ of politics, alone creating a youth brand without legacy and organization


Controversial remarks made by two BJP spokespersons on the Hindu-Muslim dispute, the spot killings of Kashmiri Pandits and others by terrorists in Kashmir and Prophet Muhammad, and the subsequent sharp reaction of Arab countries and action against those who made statements under his pressure. Despite the violence in many parts of the country, the atmosphere of the country is hot with the voices of opposition to the new recruitment policy Agneepath in the army. Government and army officials have tried to cool it down by splashing all the benefits of the Agneepath scheme on this flame of protest.

Varun becomes a new brand of youth politics

In the midst of all this noise, the three political heirs of the Nehru Gandhi family i.e. the three Gandhiveers Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi have also walked on the path of their politics. While Rahul and Priyanka are busy handling the shabby boat of the Congress, which has been torn by the waves of the past several electoral failures, Varun is on board the heavy ship of the BJP, but from that ship to face all the challenges of the political storm. Even if he has to jump, he has started preparing for it. While Rahul and Priyanka are behind the power of the entire Congress party, Varun is becoming his own force and emerging as a new pole of youth politics. The entire information and publicity system of Congress is gathered to take Rahul Priyanka’s words far and wide in the country. On the other hand, Varun is constantly questioning the government of his own party on his own, but is also successfully conveying his words to the people through social media. For the last one and a half years, Varun has left his own mark in giving voice to the discontent of the youth from the farmers’ movement. He is becoming a new brand of youth politics.

In the last few years, unemployment has created a storm among the youth, the new Agneepath policy of army recruitment of the central government has fueled that flame. Now these three Gandhiveers of the Nehru-Gandhi family have started connecting this young storm with them. Where the Congress has tried to link the satyagraha started by very political cleverness to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) interrogation of Rahul Gandhi with the anger of the Agniveers agitating against Agneepath. At the same time, Varun not only constantly questioned the central government of his own party for unemployment, but also made unemployment a big issue with his aggression on social media. Under whose pressure Prime Minister Modi announced to provide one million government jobs in the next one year. Varun did not stop here after thanking the Prime Minister for this. He continued his intervention on the issue of Agniveers.

First he appealed to the agitating youth to adopt the path of peace and non-violence, while on the other hand, the BJP MP from Pilibhit took a dig at his own party general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya for his statement, in which Vijayvargiya was heard saying that if the BJP office If there is a need to have security guards, he will give priority to the firefighters who have come from the army. Although Rahul and Priyanka also intervened on these issues through social media, Varun spoke before them, so they went ahead. In fact, Varun Gandhi had already caught the way of keeping his hand on the pulse of the youth. BJP MP Varun Gandhi chose a new path, moving away from the traditional opposition politics of allegations and demands. His path was different from both his party BJP and his family party Congress. This new path of Varun goes through the fields and barns to the dreams of the youth and just as his father Sanjay Gandhi was presented by the Congress as a young heart emperor, Varun is now achieving this position with his hard work. want. While walking on this new path, Varun is not only setting an example, but he is also preparing the ground for his future politics by drawing a new line in politics.

Trying to make a separate identity in politics

Actually, Varun Gandhi is trying to make a different identity in the coming politics by becoming the voice of unemployed youth. If this campaign of Varun is successful, then in the negative political environment, he can present himself to the public as a positive political alternative. For this he has a complete plan of action. Varun’s initiative is also different from his elder brother Rahul and sister Priyanka because while Rahul-Priyanka being the leader of the main opposition party, it is natural for his every statement to come against the government, while Varun being the MP of the ruling party, despite his own He is gathering the courage to ask questions to the party’s government and is ready to pay any cost for it. On the other hand, while Rahul and Priyanka are limited to protest only on the issues of youth, Varun is also setting a new example by directly helping unemployed youth to achieve their goals. So there is a positivity in his initiative.

During the farmers’ movement, Varun Gandhi stood with the farmers by breaking away from the line of his party and government. Anyway, on the economic plight of rural India, he has written a very detailed research book Rural Manifesto (Rural Manifesto) many years ago, from which his commitment to the development of farmers and villages is clear. After the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, Varun went to his parliamentary constituency Pilibhit to openly support the farmers.

For some time, Varun started raising his voice for the rights of students and unemployed youth from economically weaker backgrounds. On the one hand, he has been continuously bringing the issues of unemployed youth to the public discourse by tweeting and has been demanding to open better job opportunities for them. On the other hand, Varun is also helping those needy youth financially, who are unable to go for competitive exams due to some reason. Before the anti-Agneepath movement, Varun Gandhi was constantly seen through Twitter and Facebook helping all those unemployed youth who are financially so weak that many of them do not have the money to pay the fee charged with the application form of government jobs. Huh. There are many who can apply but their examination centers are so far away that it is difficult for them to even collect the rail fare to go there.

Arranging for railway tickets and food for the candidates

Varun Gandhi has taken the same initiative as film actor Sonu Sood did during the Corona period. But Varun’s campaign is different and unique from Sonu’s initiative because such a continuous initiative in politics has been taken by an MP for the first time and the purpose behind this is not only to help but also to empower the youth. It is also to instil confidence in them. This initiative of Varun Gandhi also has a political message which also shows the mirror to all the leaders of the opposition, MPs and ministers.

Along with arranging railway tickets for all such candidates, Varun started arranging for accommodation and food. Varun posted a video of a young man from his Twitter handle, in which the youth is thanking him for helping him financially. This youth Atul Agnihotri is a resident of a village in Pilibhit Lok Sabha. His railway examination was to be held on June 12. Atul had no money to go to Noida to take the exam. He sought help from the people around him, but he did not get help. After this he sought help from MP Varun Gandhi. After this Varun Gandhi not only made arrangements for his travel, but also arranged for his stay and food.

Ujjwal, another young man who has been helped by Varun, says that he was supposed to go to Kolkata to appear for the NTPC exam, but due to the summer season, tickets are raging. His ticket could not be arranged. He tweeted and sought help from Varun Gandhi. According to the information, Varun Gandhi himself got the ticket of Ujjwal finalized by instructing his staff. Now Ujjwal is thanking him again and again. According to a student from Gorakhpur, his NTPC examination was to be held in Pune, far away from home, but he was neither getting money nor was there any possibility of getting a ticket. Meanwhile with the help of his companions he heard about Varun Gandhi who is continuously helping the students. This student also sought help from Varun Gandhi and he was provided a ticket. Similarly, Palash Mishra, a youth from Raipur in Chhattisgarh, asked him for help in commuting to take the Hyderabad examination and he helped him. When Moradabad student Ayush Mishra narrated his woes to Varun Gandhi, he not only arranged for him to go to Srinagar, but also made arrangements for his stay and food.

The government’s employment policy is also opening the pole

Varun Gandhi’s campaign is not only limited to helping students, but he is also exposing the employment policy of the government. He told through tweet that the Railways has abolished 72 thousand posts of class III and IV. Apart from these, preparations have been made to abolish 10 thousand other posts of NCR region. He has said that due to this the dreams of crores of unemployed youth of the country are being shattered. Questioning the policy of the government, he has asked whether it is financial management or preparations are being made to hand over the railways to private hands. He has said that during the Corona period, new recruitment in jobs was completely stalled for two years. Due to this, the age of lakhs of students has been completed. This has dealt a severe blow to their job prospects. He has said that the government should take additional steps to help these helpless students and give them an opportunity to apply by giving relaxation in age limit.

By releasing a video on social media, Varun says that it is unfortunate that on one hand crores of youth of the country are wandering for jobs, while about one crore posts are vacant in various government departments of the country. No new recruitment is being done on these posts. He said that arrangements should be made to provide employment to the youth by recruiting them on these posts.

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