Kurukshetra: The rise of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership from Udaipur Chintan Shivir, Formula PK and Action RG will transform Congress


In Udaipur Chintan Shivir, Congress leaders after two days of marathon debate and debate have taken some such decisions, which if implemented honestly can turn the Congress around. From padyatra across the country to the slogan of ‘Bharat Jodo’, the Congress will now face the challenge of BJP and Modi government in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul Gandhi himself can lead the Congress’ padyatra (announced by Congress President Sonia Gandhi in her concluding speech) to be started from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 to connect directly with the public. However, it has not been announced yet. The one line gist of the camp is that Rahul Gandhi’s leadership has emerged again in the Congress and the voices of dissent against him in the recent past have not only calmed down but have started turning into his voice of support.


An important aspect of this Chintan Shivir is that even though the three members of the Nehru-Gandhi family, Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka had active participation in the camp, Rahul Gandhi’s influence on the entire camp was most visible. Sonia Gandhi, as Congress President, set the course of the camp in the inaugural address, but her speech in the concluding session was very brief, while Rahul Gandhi spoke in more detail. At the same time, Priyanka Gandhi did not give a speech and limited her role to discussion. This is also an important indication of the future direction and condition of the party and the family. That is, the party wants to limit the role of the family even at the top level and the Udaipur Navsankalp Chintan Shivir of Congress has stamped the acceptance of Rahul Gandhi in the party and has cleared the way for him to become the Congress President unopposed.

Even though the Congress has taken all the measures for its rejuvenation from the brainstorming of Udaipur Navsankalp Chintan Shivir, but the effect of the blueprint of PK i.e. Prashant Kishor is visible on them. Now action on them has to be done by RG i.e. Rahul Gandhi and his team. Party sources say that PK wanted to implement his blue print himself while the party wanted to implement it collectively. Now Rahul Gandhi himself has accepted this challenge and out of all the measures suggested by PK, Rahul Gandhi himself has taken the responsibility of implementing the important suggestions in the form of the results of the brainstorming of the Chintin Shivir.

On the third day of the camp, the Congress Working Committee approved the conclusions of the brainstorming of six groups formed on various subjects and which were announced in the last session of the camp, the most prominent among them is the dialogue and relationship of the party with the public. Congress will organize countrywide padyatras to restore and bring alive what has been broken over the years. Announcing this, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that from October 2, the day of Gandhi Jayanti, Congress will organize a padyatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, which will be conducted by the youth leaders of the party but senior leaders will also participate in it. Earlier in his address, former President Rahul Gandhi also said that in October, Congress will undertake a padyatra and communicate directly with the public. Apart from this, Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken said that Congress workers will undertake padyatras within 75 km radius from their respective district headquarters across the country.

Along with this, Congress has given a new slogan from Udaipur Navsankalp Shivir – India Jodo. Announcing this, Ajay Maken said that on August 9, 1942, if the Congress had given the slogan – Britishers leave India, today on 15 May 2022 our slogan is – India Jodo. This slogan was raised from the stage to the pandal with full gusto. In fact, the decisions that have been taken to bring about a change in the Congress are part of the blue print that was presented by the election strategist Prashant Kishor i.e. PK in the meeting that lasted more than 12 hours with the Congress leadership and top leaders. To implement this, the Congress President had announced the formation of an eight-member Empowered Action Group. He offered PK to join Congress and implement his blue print by becoming a member of this group, which was rejected by Prashant Kishor saying that he would not be given full freedom and power to implement his blue print He will not be a part of Congress and Empowered Action Group. After this the path of PK and Congress parted.

According to sources close to the Congress leadership, while Priyanka Gandhi was in favor of giving complete freedom to Prashant Kishor to implement his blue print, Rahul Gandhi wanted to implement it collectively instead of giving monopoly to any individual and Sonia Gandhi He also endorsed Rahul’s point. After this PK parted ways, due to which the challenge in front of Rahul in the party and family was to get the measures suggested for the rejuvenation of the Congress implemented. Rahul accepted this challenge and after a deep brainstorming in six groups of Udaipur Navsankalp Chintan Shivir, it would be the responsibility of his team to implement the decisions taken for radical change in the organization.

In these decisions, the Congress organization should be reorganized at the block, mandal, city, district level, giving fifty percent of the posts from bottom to top to leaders below the age of fifty years, and 50 percent of the posts in the Congress Working Committee, the top body of the party. Bringing young leaders, forming a sub-committee in the working committee, giving advice and suggestions to the Congress President from time to time on various political, economic, social and other important issues, formation of three new departments in the organization at the top level, no more than five years. Not allowing any one person to hold one post, appointing those joining the party to a post after serving for at least five years, while evaluating the performance of office bearers from bottom to top from time to time. There are many stringent such as implementing one family one person post and ticket formula to reduce the influence of families in the party and power and to get rid of the charges of familialism, such as promotion of workers and leave for those who do not perform work. To what extent will Team Rahul be able to implement the decisions, the future direction of the Congress and the It will depend.

Apart from this, the blue print given by PK is also visible on the measures suggested in the camp to make the media and communication department and strategy more effective. Therefore, from the central level to the bottom, several changes have been suggested to make the media and social media policy and strategy of the organization more inclusive, comprehensive and effective. For this the Congress may also have to make a radical change in the structure of its media department. Still this responsibility rests with Rahul Gandhi’s trusted confidant Randeep Singh Surjewala, Rohan Gupta and his team, so if they are not replaced then they will also have to make their work more effective.

The biggest success of the camp is that the party leadership was able to make almost all its new and old leaders sit together and brainstorm. From the inaugural to the closing session, if leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge, Adhir Ranjan Sarkar, KC Venugopal, Ajay Maken, Ashok Gehlot, Bhupesh Baghel, Digvijay Singh, Ambika Soni Mohan Prakash, Avinash Pandey, who are considered loyal to Team Rahul, appeared in full warmth. So, the leaders of G-23 who raised the voices of dissent, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, Manish Tewari, Mukul Wasnik etc. were also fully active. At the same time, senior leader Janardan Dwivedi and his family and party loyalist Suresh Pachauri, who spoke clearly and clearly, were also given respect and place in the camp, while Rajiv Shukla, considered close to Priyanka Gandhi, Acharya Pramod. Leaders like Krishnam also kept their point openly.

Acharya even said in the presence of all senior leaders including Sonia Rahul and Priyanka that it is everyone’s wish that Rahul Gandhi should take over as the president, but if for some reason he does not want to take this responsibility, then Priyanka Gandhi should be made this president. . Pramod Krishnam also asked the question whether Priyanka should be made the president or if there is any other more acceptable face in the party than her. With this statement, Acharya Pramod Krishnam certainly started a new debate, but the tone and atmosphere of the camp remained the same as that of Rahul Gandhi. An undeclared message of the camp’s contemplation and brainstorming is that in the election for the post of party president in September, Rahul Gandhi will be the choice of both the organization and the family and he is almost certain to become the Congress President once again. In a way, Udaipur Navsankalp Shivir can also be considered as an exercise to create uncontested acceptance in Rahul Gandhi’s party.