Kuortane Games: Neeraj Chopra hoists the tricolor in Finland, wins gold with a throw of 86.69m


Neeraj Chopra, the golden boy of Tokyo Olympics, has once again shown his flair. He has hoisted the tricolor in Finland by winning the gold medal from the Kuartane Games. He is the first Indian to win this competition. In this competition, Neeraj threw 86.69 meters in his first attempt, which proved to be decisive. No other player in this competition has been able to throw the javelin so far. After winning the gold medal in the Olympics, Neeraj had appeared in the second competition and has once again won the gold medal. Earlier, he had participated in the Pavo Nurmi Games, where he broke his own record by throwing the javelin from 89.30 meters and set a new national record for the farthest throw.

The record for the farthest javelin throw for India was previously held by Neeraj, who threw a throw of 87.58 meters at the Tokyo Olympics. However, Neeraj could not win the gold medal in the Pavo Nurmi Games. He had to be content with the silver medal. Finland’s Helander had topped the event with a time of 89.93m.

The best thrower of the year overtook Peters again

This year’s best performance of 93.07m javelin thrower Andersen Peters of Granada was defeated by Neeraj for the second time in four days. Peters won the bronze with a time of 84.75m. India’s para thrower Sandeep Choudhary also competed here but finished eighth with 60.35m. Finland’s Oliver Hollander, who defeated Neeraj in the Nurmi Games, withdrew due to track conditions. Neeraj’s second and third throws were fouls.

Neeraj could not make the second throw

Neeraj failed to make any successful attempt after covering a distance of 86.69 meters in his first attempt at the Kuartane Games. His second and third throws were invalid and during this he fell. After that he could not do the rest of the throw. Neeraj had performed brilliantly in his first attempt in the rain, but his second attempt failed and he slipped in the third attempt. After that he made no effort. However, they have not sustained any injuries. Valcott finished second after Neeraj, who threw the javelin 86.64 meters away. Peters, who threw the javelin from 84.75m, finished third. Neeraj will now take part in the Stockholm leg of the Diamond League on 30 June.

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