Kovid-19: The number of infected is increasing continuously, but the death toll in a week is the lowest in 26 months


The number of corona infected in the country is continuously increasing, but the number of deaths in the week ended Sunday was the lowest in 26 months. It is a matter of relief that this week the deaths were only 20. This number is the lowest since March 2020.


Last week was the fourth consecutive week in which new infections increased. Their number increased by 3.5 percent. During this, more than 23 thousand new infected were found, whereas in the previous week 22,300 new cases were found. Talking about the last 24 hours ended on Monday morning, 3207 new cases have been found in the country, while 29 deaths have occurred. With the increase in new cases, the number of active cases has increased to 20,403.

Not a new wave, but the effect of relaxation

On the basis of not much increase in the Kovid case last week, experts claim that the reason for the increase in the number of infected is not a new wave, but the effect of the concessions given in the mask and corona protocol. This is also due to increased social interaction.

There have been 27 to 30 new deaths in the three weeks preceding the week under review, while 20 deaths were reported in the week ended Sunday 8 May. During this, the number of total deaths increased more because many states updated the figures of their deaths. These deaths will not be counted in this week’s figure.

getting new infected is decreasing here

In Delhi NCR, new cases have come down in the last week, while in Delhi and Haryana, more new cases have been found in UP than in the last week. The death rate in the week under review stood at 0.15 per cent. Talking about the last four weeks, a total of 106 new deaths occurred during this period. During this, 70 thousand new cases have been found in the country.