Kismat Meherbaan: Rajesh, who won two crores from Dream XI, now again won two crores 10 lakh rupees


Luck has once again been kind to the waiter of Gagret’s coffee house, who became a millionaire from the Dream XI game. This time the waiter has won two crore ten lakh rupees in the My Circle XI game. Not only this, but in Dream XI, this waiter has won one and a half lakh rupees and once twelve lakh rupees. Anyone who is listening to the stories of this waiter is being forced to press his finger under his teeth.


Some people are considering the coffee house as lucky and many people are also requesting the operators of the coffee house to keep them on their jobs. Along with the ongoing IPL in the country, many such apps are also giving people the opportunity to choose their team and play. If your team wins and you are number one, you will get the winning amount as decided by the app. The first prize in these apps has been kept at Rs 2 crore.

Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Madaipur, district Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, who works as a waiter in Gagret’s coffee house, has been living with the operators of the coffee house for a long time. He also heard about Dream XI from someone and started playing by downloading the Dream XI app on his mobile. Although after playing many times his luck shone a little, he won one and a half lakh rupees, but after that Maa Lakshmi was so kind to him that he first got two crore rupees in Dream XI, then 12 lakh rupees and now two crore 10 in My Circle app. Won Rs.

Whoever is hearing about Rajesh is definitely appreciating his luck. Rajesh told that he never even dreamed that he would become the owner of so much wealth together. Rajesh said that with this money he will build a house for himself and whether to do any business or something else he will decide after talking with his family members.

Note: Through this news Amar Ujala is not promoting any fantasy league. If any reader takes part in such league, he himself will be responsible for the risk.