King left property worth 20 thousand crores, 30 years daughters fought a legal battle, Supreme Court gave an important decision

A decision was given in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, after which the 30-year-old property dispute was settled. The matter was not of any petty property, but the property of the Maharaj of Faridkot is about 20 thousand crores, for whose rights his daughters were fighting a legal battle for 30 days. It includes diamonds, jewels, forts, palaces and buildings in many places. In the end, both the sisters won and the decision to give them a large share in this property has been upheld. A bench of CJI UU Lalit, Justice S Ravinder Bhat and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia upheld the High Court’s decision with some modifications. The Supreme Court had reserved this decision on July 28.

why was there controversy

This legal battle between the Maharawal Khewaji Trust and the Maharaja’s daughters is one of the longest running battles in legal history. While ending the will of the Maharaja, the court has also given the decision to dissolve the Maharawal Khewaji Trust after 33 years. Trust CEO Jagir Singh Saran said, “So far we have come to know only the oral decision of the Supreme Court, no written order has been received. In July 2020, the trust itself had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court. After this, in 2020, the Supreme Court had ordered to maintain the status quo and allowed the trust to be supervised.

In the year 2013, the Chandigarh District Court had ruled in favor of both the daughters Amrit Kaur and Deepinder Kaur. After this the matter reached the High Court and then the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that it appears that the people of the trust are conspiring to grab the property and are telling fake things.

What is the story?

After the death of his father in the year 1918, Harinder Singh Brar was made Maharaja at the age of only 3 years. He was the last Maharaja of this princely state. Brar and his wife Narinder Kaur had three daughters. Amrit Kaur, Deepinder Kaur and Mahipinder Kaur. They also had a son named Tikka Harmohinder Singh. Maharaj’s son died in a road accident in 1981. After this Maharaj went into depression. After seven or eight months, his will was prepared.

The sick Maharaj’s wife and mother were also in the dark

A trust was formed to look after the property of Maharaj. Even his wife and mother were not aware of this. Deepinder Kaur and Mahipinder Kaur were made the chairperson and vice chairperson of this trust. At the same time, it was also written in this will that the eldest daughter Amrit Kaur has married against her will, so she is evicted. This will came to the fore when Maharaj had died in 1989.

Death of a daughter under suspicious circumstances

Maharaj’s daughter Mahipinder Kaur died under suspicious circumstances. He died in Shimla. Amrit Kaur had filed the case in the local court in 1992. He said that being a Hindu joint family, he had the right over the property, whereas in his father’s will all the property was given to the trust. Amrit Kaur raised questions on this will.

Where is the property of Maharaj

After independence, property worth 20 thousand crores was given to Maharaj. This includes movable and immovable property. Apart from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana, Chandigarh has buildings and land.

The palace of Faridkot- The palace of Faridkot is in 14 acres. It was built in 1885. Now a 150-bed charitable hospital is running in a part of it.

Quila Mubarak, Faridkot- This fort was built by Raja Hamir Singh in 1775. It is on 10 acres. The building that remains now was constructed in 1890.

Faridkot House in New Delhi: There is a large piece of land on the Copernicus road in New Delhi. The central government has taken it on rent and pays a rent of about 17 lakhs every month. Its price was around Rs 1200 crore nine years ago.

Apart from this Manimajra Fort in Chandigarh, Faridkot House of Shimla are included in the property of the Maharaja. There are also 1929 model Rolls Royce, 1929 Moselle Graham, 1940 model Bendley, Jaguar, Damler, Packard which are still in running condition. Apart from this, there are diamond gems worth 1 thousand crores which are safe with Standard Chartered Bank of Mumbai.

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