‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’ became a car driver, showed such a stunt that you will also appreciate

‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’ became a car driver, showed such a stunt that you will also appreciate

Driving a car on the road is often a very careful task. Especially people have to take a lot of precautions while crossing the road. Crossing the road of a car in busy traffic and going on another track is a risky task, it is necessary to coordinate both the timing and the driver’s vision. But after watching the video going viral in recent times, you will be surprised and will not be able to stop yourself from admiring the timing of the driver while crossing the road.

People were surprised to see the stunt

In the video going viral, a car is coming from another track. Only then it becomes clear that the car has lost its balance. But the truth is something else. Losing its balance, the car comes on the distant track. It seemed that the driver was performing a stunt. People are expressing surprise after watching this video.

Khatron ka khiladi car driver

It is seen in the video that the car coming from the front gets disbalanced and falls on the roof of the truck. But the drive turns the car onto another track, driving off the roof of the truck. This job is very risky, because one mistake of the driver could lead to an accident of the car. But through the understanding of the driver, this car goes on its way comfortably.

This video has received 21 thousand 800 views till the time of writing this news. Harsh Goenka shared this video and wrote – Perfect timing. Reactions of Twitter users are coming out on the video. One user wrote, ‘God was more kind that day’, another user wrote, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi.’

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