Khalistani Amritpal Singh was making youths human bombs, intelligence report created stir

Khalistani Amritpal Singh was making youths human bombs, intelligence report created stir

Intelligence inputs said pro-Khalistan preacher Amritpal Singh was using de-addiction centers and a gurdwara to store weapons and prepare youths for suicide attacks. Officials gave this information on Sunday. A dossier (a file containing detailed information on a person, event or subject) is prepared with various security agencies. It claimed that Singh was primarily involved in grooming youths to make ‘Khadku’ or human bombs.

Returned to India at the behest of Khalistan sympathizers
Amritpal Singh returned to India from Dubai last year allegedly at the behest of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Khalistan sympathizers living abroad. The self-styled fundamentalist preacher has been absconding ever since the Punjab government cracked down on his organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ on Saturday. Under this action, 78 members of the organization were arrested. According to experts and officials monitoring the situation in Punjab, Pakistan, which is facing its most serious economic crisis, is making every effort to divert attention from India by activating its people like Amritpal Singh.

intelligence racket busted
He had to face defeat in every war he fought against India. During the investigation of the case, arms and ammunition brought to the so-called Anandpur Khalsa Front (AKF) founded by Singh have been seized. Officials said the police also seized uniforms and jackets. According to them, arms and ammunition were seized from the radical Sikh preacher’s car which was marked ‘AKF’.

Officials said weapons were being illegally stored at several de-addiction centers run by ‘Waris Punjab De’ and a gurdwara in Amritsar. According to officials, youths admitted to de-addiction centers were misguided and pushed towards ‘gun culture’. Officials said they were instigated to follow the path of slain terrorist Dilawar Singh, who killed former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh in a suicide attack. The radical preacher used to attend martyrdom gatherings of slain terrorists, where he called them so-called martyrs of the cult and glorified the use of weapons.

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