Kejriwal boarded the auto, got agitated when the police stopped him; watch video

Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is on a Gujarat tour. During his Gujarat tour, he boarded an auto. But seeing the security, the policemen stopped his auto from moving forward. Arvind Kejriwal was badly upset on this. A video of Arvind Kejriwal getting angry on the policemen has also surfaced.

It is seen in the video that Kejriwal and some other leaders are riding in an auto. But the policemen are not allowing this auto to move forward. Angry Kejriwal says on this –

‘Today the people of Gujarat are unhappy because AAP leaders do not go to the public. We are going in public and you are stopping us from going public. This is the protocol of your Gujarat? That is why your leaders have made the people unhappy. Your leaders do not go out in public. The public is sad. Tell the leader to break some protocol and come out in public. People are very unhappy with your leaders. We don’t want your safety. You are forcing us… you have kept us imprisoned like this.

On this one of the security personnel says that it is for security. But Arvind Kejriwal still does not calm down. He says, ‘But I don’t want your security, I don’t want your security to go public. You give your security to the Chief Minister and his ministers. I am a man of the people and will go among the people.

Let us tell you that before this, CM Kejriwal was talking to some people in a town hall located in Ahmedabad. During this, an auto driver had requested Kejriwal to come to his house for dinner. On this, Kejriwal had told the auto driver that he should come to his hotel by auto to take him to his home at 8 pm tonight and then he and some other party leaders would definitely come to his house for dinner. The auto driver was very happy on this.

The auto driver had told Kejriwal that the way he had eaten food at an auto driver’s house in Punjab. In the same way, he should come to his house and eat food. To which Kejriwal agreed.

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