Karnataka: BJP leader CT Ravi said, those who dispute the national anthem do not deserve to live in this country


BJP national general secretary CT Ravi on Saturday said those who are trying to make the national anthem a controversy do not deserve to live in this country, it should be a matter of pride to present it at any time. Stating that those who are emotionally Indian would not dispute singing the national anthem, he said madrassas should follow the instructions voluntarily instead of doing so.


Singing the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ has been made mandatory in all madrasas of Uttar Pradesh from last Thursday. The registrar of the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board had issued an order to this effect on May 9 to all district minority welfare officers, but it has come into force from May 12, when regular classes started after the Ramzan holidays. Asked whether such directions are needed in Karnataka madrasas too, Ravi said it is not a matter of discussion, they should do it voluntarily and not under the directions.

Ravi said singing the national anthem should not become a controversy. Those who dispute the singing of the national anthem do not deserve to live in this country. Talking to reporters here, he said that singing the national anthem at any time should be a matter of pride. If someone is forced to sing the national anthem, it reflects the thinking of such people. Those who have commitment will naturally sing and respect the national anthem. Those who do not respect the national flag, the national anthem, the constitution, they are living in this country only technically, not emotionally. Those who are emotionally Indian will not make it a controversy.