Kamal Nath removed from the list of star campaigners, Congress will go to court against Election Commission

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The Election Commission has removed former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior state Congress leader Kamal Nath from Star Pracharak, who is campaigning strongly for the party in the Madhya Pradesh by-election. This major action has been taken by the Election Commission on him after several cases of violation of the Election Code of Conduct have come.

The Congress party will now move the court against this action of the Election Commission. Narendra Saluja, media coordinator of the Madhya Pradesh unit of the Congress, said- “The party campaigner has been abolished by the Election Commission as a star campaigner. The party will move the court against this decision. ”

It is worth noting that in Madhya Pradesh, assembly elections are going to be held on November 3 for 28 seats. But, during the election campaign recently, the former Chief Minister of the state used abusive words against the woman minister, whose opponents had complained to the Election Commission.

The Commission, in an order issued on Friday, said: ‘… the Commission for the current bye-elections of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly for repeated violations of the Model Code of Conduct and for completely disregarding the advice issued to them (to Kamal Nath). The former chief minister of the state ends Kamal Nath’s political party leader (star campaigner) status with immediate effect.

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The commission said that Kamal Nath would not be given any permission by the authorities as a star campaigner. He said, ‘However, from now on if any election campaign is done by Kamal Nath, the entire expenses related to travel, stay and tour will be fully borne by the candidate in whose constituency he will campaign.

Significantly, the Congress leader and former CM of Madhya Pradesh had called BJP candidate and Minister Imrati Devi an item in an election meeting. At first, Kamal Nath said that the item did not contain derogatory words. He gave many strange arguments, saying that the assembly and parliament also called item numbers. He also said that he had forgotten the name and the name is written by item number 1, 2, 3 in the list. However, he also regretted his statement.

On the other hand, Imarti Devi had requested Congress President Sonia Gandhi to remove Kamal Nath from all party posts. Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Jyotiraditya Scindia also kept a silent fast on Monday. He had said that Kamal Nath should apologize to every daughter of the state.

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