JNU approves controversial counter-terrorism course : Sources

The Executive Council of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Thursday approved a new counter-terrorism course. Sources gave this information. However, it is being criticized by a section of teachers and students regarding the content of this course. Along with this, the council also approved to celebrate 14 August every year as ‘Bhajan Vibhishika Memorial Day’.

JNU issued a statement saying that the university will organize various programs every year including webinars/seminars, exhibitions, distinguished lectures, recalling the true details of the incidents through survivors and other related activities so as to educate the younger generation about the same. To be educated in how lakhs of Indians lost their lives during partition.

Furthermore, the partition of India as a moment of national trauma, with broad historical stages relating to the ideologies and ideologies of Partition, events of Partition that lead to violence, the breakdown of a civilization and Partition, the statement said. After Effects where the silence of the truth and the construction of the construction make a vague re-think of things.

The Academic Council of JNU had approved three new courses, including an anti-terrorism course, in a meeting held on August 17. These include – ‘Strategy to counter terrorism, asymmetric conflict and cooperation between major powers’; ‘India’s emerging global outlook in the twenty-first century’ and ‘Importance of Science and Technology in International Relations’.

A section of JNU teachers and students objected to the introduction of an anti-terrorism course, alleging that “jihadi terrorism” was the only form of “radical-religious terrorism”.

The course also claimed that the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and China were state-sponsors of terrorism that they believed influenced radical Islamic states.

Sources said that the JNU Executive Council in its meeting held on Thursday approved the course along with the other two courses. According to sources, some members also inquired about the plan to reopen the campus. He was told that a committee would prepare guidelines for reopening the campus in a phased manner.

JNU Vice Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar on Wednesday said there is “needless controversy” about a new anti-terrorism course without going into its academic merits.

The Council every year has approved the B.R. Ambedkar’s birthday (April 14) and Mahaparinirvana Divas (December 6) were also approved.

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