JDU, leader of the mahagathbandhan at the Rabri house to make the human chain successful, how neither the farmers nor the common man will be in the human chain of rip-offs

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A meeting of the grand alliance is going on at the residence of former Bihar CM Rabri Devi on Friday. According to the information, discussions are being held in this meeting to make the successful human chain called by the Grand Alliance on 30 January.

Top leaders of the grand alliance have participated in this meeting being held in the ten circular roads. In this meeting, on January 30, in support of the ongoing farmer movement in the country, the preparations for the creation of a human chain will be reviewed on the call of the Grand Alliance. Also, the strategy needed to make the human chain successful will be decided.

JDU tightens, Tejaswi’s human chain neither farmers nor common man

State JDU Chief Spokesperson Sanjay Singh has attacked the Leader of the Opposition on the January 30 opposition human chain. claimed that Tejashwi Yadav And the pretense of a possible human chain of his team is going to be a complete flop. Neither the farmers nor the general public will be involved in this. Those involved will be the same people who respect them. Said this human chain is directionless, aimless. Sanjay Singh said that Tejashwi Yadav did not regret even once that the so-called farmers in Delhi who created a nuisance, insulted the National Heritage on Republic Day. Said, the Leader of the Opposition is continuously supporting the farmers’ movement, but Tejashwi Yadav has kept silence about this behavior of the so-called farmers. Tejashwi should tell in public whether he is with those who have created trouble in Delhi or not?

RJD’s insistence on creating human chain is unfortunate: Sushil Modi
BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi has said that the public is now very angry with the alleged farmer organizations and their supporting parties. The Delhi-Jaipur highway has been evacuated. Some organizations have opted out of the movement. Despite this, the RJD’s insistence on creating a human chain in Bihar is unfortunate. The real farmers are with the NDA. Sushil Modi said that it is the glory of the Republic to allow peaceful disagreements and protests, but on the 72nd Republic Day of India, the people who perpetrated and perpetrated the generosity of the Republic by making it their weapon of attack. Shown. 16 Opposition parties, including the Congress, neither strongly condemned the Punjab-Haryana productions of attacking policemen with tractors and swords, nor withdrew their support from the violent agitation. But to appear in their favor, these parties announced a boycott of the President’s address.