Jamia University suspends 9 students, decision taken after bloody clash between two student groups

The Jamia Millia Islamia University has suspended nine students for “spoiling” the peaceful academic atmosphere of the campus, days after a clash broke out between two groups. One student was shot in the clash.

The suspended students include Noman Ali, a third-semester law (LLM) student. Nauman was injured in firing by another group. Meanwhile, Delhi Police has arrested nine persons in connection with the said case, including some students who were suspended by the university.

In a notice issued on Friday, the chief proctor had accused the students involved in the clash of “politicizing” an issue and making it a case of regional conflict between students of western Uttar Pradesh and Mewat region. Similar notices have been served to all the nine students.

According to a copy of the notice, Nauman Ali, a third-semester LLM student, has been suspended from the course with immediate effect. Noman Ali is barred from entering the Jamia Millia Islamia campus until the final decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

Other students who have been suspended include Mohammad Faisal, Mohammad Shadab Choudhary, Nazim Khan, Nasrulla Ansari, Noman (BA, Sanskrit), Sahil, Salman Khurshid, Suhail, among others.

In the notice, the Chief Proctor said that on Friday, there was a clash between the students of the first semester of the polytechnic department of the university, Suhail, Sahil, Mohammad Shadab Choudhary, Nazim Khan and Nasrullah Ansari, near the library. The notice said that the security personnel brought the quarreling students to the proctor’s office, where the proctorial department had initiated immediate action against the students.

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