Jai Siyaram: Anand Mohan’s slogan against BJP’s Jai Shri Ram, Lovely Anand will contest the 2024 election from Shivhar?

Jai Siyaram: Anand Mohan’s slogan against BJP’s Jai Shri Ram, Lovely Anand will contest the 2024 election from Shivhar?

As soon as he was released from jail, Anand Mohan has again started his political innings. His release has been challenged in the Supreme Court. It is discussed that Anand Mohan should not go to jail again. But the Bahubali former MP is relentlessly running on his campaign. Anand Mohan is running a mobilization campaign against BJP in support of RJD-JDU. Under the Representation of the People Act, he himself cannot contest elections for 6 years. In such a situation, it is believed that he has already started working for his wife and former MP Lovely Anand. In the 2024 elections, Anand Mohan will be seen fielding fast for his wife only. Son Chetan Anand is already an MLA.

In Muzaffarpur, Anand Mohan targeted BJP fiercely in gestures. He had come with wife Lovely Anand. He said that we are a party of Jai Siyaram and not a party of Jai Shri Ram. Shivhar MP Anand Mohan said that the way a grand temple of Lord Ram is being built in Ayodhya, similarly a grand temple of Mother Sita should be built in Punaura Dham of Sitamarhi because there is no Ram without Siya. Both are together. Sita ji had appeared in Punaura of Sitamarhi.

Supreme Court asks for the file of Anand Mohan’s release from Nitish government, hearing on August 8

Read this also- Life imprisonment was given in the Shnaiya murder case. Prior to this, he was the MP of Sheohar twice in 1996 and 1998. His son Chetan Anand is currently the MLA of Shivhar on the RJD seat. He was given permanent release by changing the prison law. Shivhar is cut off from Sitamarhi. This area is known as Sita ji’s maternal home. By raising the slogan of Jai Siyaram against BJP’s Jai Shri Ram, Anand Mohan has shot two birds with one stone. On the one hand, Vag is increasing the tension of BJP, while on Shivhar seat, he is doing hidden fielding for his wife Lovely Anand.

Anand Mohan: Anand Mohan’s bold words after being released from jail, lashed out at BJP; something to trample on

Anand Mohan and Lovely Anand, who reached Muzaffarpur, expressed their gratitude to the people of the area. Said that Shivhar and Vaishali gave a lot of love and respect. Will stay anywhere but will be connected with the people of this area. After Anand Mohan, Lovely Anand also addressed the media. He said that a huge rally is being organized on November 23 at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. For that people are coming to invite. After the release of her husband, her political activity has also intensified. Lovely Anand said that after coming out of jail, she is going among the people with Anand Mohan ji. He said that Anand Mohan is not a wave but a storm. It is our good fortune that even today people love me in the same way as before.

Where there is Anand Mohan, there is no BJP; BJP’s MP-MLA returned from under the stage, bitterness was seen in the program of Rajputs

Let us tell that the then DM of Gopalganj G. Krishnaiah was murdered on 5 December 1994 at Khabra in Muzaffarpur. Anand Mohan Singh was accused of his murder and arrested. When the charges were proved, he was first sentenced to death, which was later converted into life imprisonment. The Nitish Tejashwi government got him out by changing the jail law. He was recently released from jail after spending 17 years in jail. After the release of Anand Mohan, the BJP is continuously engaged in besieging the Nitish government as well. G Krishnaiah’s wife Uma Devi has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against his release, in which the hearing is going on.

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