It will take only 10 minutes to teach a lesson… TMC leader’s threat on clash in Kolkata

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Madan Mitra on Sunday courted controversy by remarking that those involved in violence and attacks on police during the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (NJP) march to the West Bengal Secretariat could be taught a lesson in just ten minutes. Is. However, former state minister Mitra also said that TMC is not in favor of such action in retaliation for the disruptive policies of the BJP.

Mitra said he only wanted to tell the BJP what “the TMC can do but will not go to that extent”. Senior BJP leader Rahul Sinha hit back saying that TMC leaders are continuously making dangerous remarks and they have lost the support of the people.

MLA Mitra said at a public meeting in his Kamarhati constituency, “If instructions are given from the top level of the party, then (during March) there will be ten cases of hooliganism and vandalism, damage to government properties and beating up those who threaten the TMC and the administration.” It will not take more than a minute.’

Sinha hit back at Mitra, saying, “TMC leaders are continuously making dangerous remarks as they are losing the support of the common people. We will see more such comments made by these leaders to scare the opposition. But TMC’s days are few and far between.

TMC MP Shantanu Sen said that the BJP has no support of the people of Bengal, so the comments of leaders like Sinha should not be given importance. Significantly, parts of Kolkata and Howrah districts were turned into a battlefield on Tuesday after BJP workers clashed with the police during a protest march to ‘Nabanna’, the state secretariat of West Bengal.

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