It may take 6 months to drain the flood waters from the cities of Pakistan, 30 million homeless

Pakistan is facing severe water tragedy. There is a ruckus due to the flood. Water and water are visible all around. People are craving for food and drink. The World Health Organization also says that the health system in Pakistan has collapsed. Meanwhile, the Pakistan government has told how the water is creating chaos and also said that it may take at least 6 months for the flood waters to be removed from the cities. At the same time, about 30 million people have become homeless in Pakistan due to this flood.

Sindh by far the most affected province

In fact, according to a report in Dawn, the Chief Minister of Sindh province of Pakistan, Murad Ali Shah said on Sunday that it will take three to six months to get the water out of the flood-affected areas of the province. However, he also said that the authorities are continuing the struggle to stop the flood waters. Sindh is by far the most affected province by the floods, where maximum deaths have been reported. Sindh alone accounted for 578 deaths out of 1396 deaths across the country.

Advocating to fight climate change together

According to the latest update of NDMA, the number of injured in Sindh is 8321, while a total of 12728 people have been injured across the country. Talking to the media in Karachi, the Chief Minister briefed about the current situation in the state and the damage caused by the devastating floods. He said that the whole world has to come together to combat climate change. The UN Secretary-General has also called on the world to help Pakistan.

About 35 million people displaced

He said around 35 million people have been displaced, while millions of acres of fertile land have been affected by the floods. He further said that farmers in Sindh have suffered a loss of about Rs 3.5 billion while the livestock sector has suffered a loss of Rs 50 billion. There is at least eight to 10 feet of water in some areas. Even in those places where the rains are decreasing, the situation is not such that people can return.

It rained continuously for 10-11 times the normal

Murad Ali Shah also said that Pakistan has received unprecedented rains this year. This year it rained 10-11 times the normal. The government is working on the resettlement of the people, and on the drainage and irrigation network of the province. We think it will take three to six months for the water to come out. The Sindh CM also acknowledged that the province was facing a shortage of tents and medicines.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif thanked UN Secretary General Guterres for his “unprecedented support” for the victims of the devastating floods. He wrote that his two-day visit has been instrumental in raising awareness of human tragedy. During his tour of the flood-affected areas and camps in the scorching heat, Guterres witnessed the devastation that had engulfed Pakistan. His voice has become the voice of the flood victims. The world should pay attention to what he said about climate change.

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