Is Russia behind the gas pipeline leak in the Baltic Sea? war of words started

After the leak in two natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, conspiracy behind it is being feared. Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Germany all say the pipeline was deliberately tampered with. However, it is not clear whose act is this. Denmark’s prime minister says Russia has damaged the pipeline by blasting it. After these allegations, Europe has also started an investigation. This leak has occurred in Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Baltic Sea.

The Danish military on Tuesday released a video that showed bubbles rising above a pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Such bubbles were observed within a radius of about one kilometer in diameter. Let us inform that after the war and sanctions between Ukraine and Russia, the supply of natural gas from Nord Stream 1 was stopped. At the same time, the supply from Stream 2 had not started yet.

The opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has long been awaited. When this pipeline is started, Europe’s dependence on Moscow will be reduced. Through this, gas will be supplied from Norway to Poland. Tuesday saw a sudden drop in pressure in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. After this Denmark confirmed the leak. Hours later, another explosion occurred over Nord 1. It is being told that these explosions were equivalent to 2.5 Richter scale earthquake.

Why was the conspiracy done?

According to the report of Aljazeera, the public says that only Russia can do the work of damaging the pipeline. Because he wants that he should dominate the European market and if he takes any step, then it will have an impact on Europe. At the same time, with the introduction of Nord 2, gas will be supplied directly from Norway to Europe. Please tell that there is gas in both these pipelines but it is not being supplied. Explain that these pipelines are in the depth of 80 to 110 meters in the sea and its diameter is 1.153 meters.

It is also being speculated that due to technical problems and lack of repairs, leakage may also occur in the pipeline. On the other hand, Ukraine says that this is a terrorist attack by Moscow, which has been done because of inciting the European Union. However, Russia says that efforts are being made to find out the cause of the leak in the pipeline.

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