Iran’s worldwide grit, Italy and America said – stop moral policing

Iran is being heavily criticized in its country for the death of a woman in the name of moral policing. At the same time, on this issue, he is getting fame all over the world. The UN Human Rights Office has called for an investigation into the matter. Apart from this, America and Italy have also criticized Iran regarding this matter.

United Nations Human Rights Office issued a statement

In a statement issued by the United Nations Human Rights Office, it has been said that the incidents of moral policing in Iran have increased steadily in recent months. Under this, there have been cases of women being targeted for not wearing the hijab. The statement said that in several verified videos, women are being slapped in the face for not wearing a hijab. Apart from this, they are being stuffed in a police car for wearing a loose hijab. Italy’s foreign minister has called it a cowardly act.

Antony Blinken released a statement

Significantly, on Tuesday, 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was taken by a patrol party to the police station. Here she fainted and three days later she died. However, Iranian police say that Amini died of a heart attack. At the same time, the officials have said about the investigation. Regarding the incident, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Amini should have been alive today. He said that the people of America and Iran are expressing regret over his death today. We will ask the Iranian government to stop this oppression of women.

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