Invitation sent to Rahul Gandhi, 300 conferences in Gujarat; Congress plan in PM Modi’s home state?

After Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was stripped of his MP, the party’s problems seem to be increasing. In fact, in the past, a court in Surat, Gujarat convicted Rahul Gandhi in a case of criminal defamation. The court sentenced Rahul to two years. After this, Rahul’s membership of the Lok Sabha was cancelled. Now the Congress party is making a big plan in the same Gujarat state in which Rahul Gandhi was punished by the court. Congress party has decided to organize more than 300 conferences in Gujarat in the month of April.

What is the complete plan?

The Congress has decided that more than 300 conferences will be organized by the party in Gujarat this month. According to information received from the Congress, these conferences will be organized to highlight the failures of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. A senior party functionary said on Saturday that party leader Rahul Gandhi has been invited to attend.

Call sent to Rahul Gandhi

State Congress president Jagdish Thakor said the party plans to hold the convention in 251 talukas, 33 districts and eight urban centers in two phases from April 6 to 12 and April 15 to 25. Rahul Gandhi has been invited to Gujarat from April 20 to April 25 to show his support.

Jagdish Thakor said that the demonstration will be held whether police approval is given or not. He said that not allowing peaceful protests has become a norm in the state. He said that if the protests are allowed then the government fears mobilization of the people, failing to address the issues affecting different sections of the society. Thakor said, “In a democracy, it is mandatory for the authorities to grant permission to protest on application. The Congress has decided to apply for permission to the local police stations, and whether permission is granted or not, the party will continue with its programme.

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