Intestinal worms medicine used for treatment of corona, Rs 20 tablet sold for Rs 35-40

The price of avermactin, a drug used in the treatment of corona, has increased drastically. However, the drug has not been approved in the country for the treatment of corona, but is still being used indiscriminately. The result is that its prices have skyrocketed due to high demand. After several months the National Pharmaceutical Price Control Authority (NPPA) has become cautious on this issue. It has given notices to companies about the rise in drug prices.

Evermactin drug is basically used to kill stomach worms. It is being used in the treatment of corona in many countries. Such reports have been published that patients are benefiting from this. After this, it started being used in hospitals in the country as well. However, the clinical management protocol issued by the central government on June 13 for the treatment of corona does not include this drug. But it is being used a lot.

A chemist said that people are also taking this medicine for rescue. Hence the sales have increased and its prices have increased drastically during the last six months. One pill of this medicine used to cost less than Rs 20, but today it is being sold at Rs 35-40 per pill. Usually, the prices of medicines in the country do not increase at this fast, but due to the high demand for medicines, companies have increased their prices drastically.

A photo of this drug has also gone viral in social media, which shows that the price of a pack of medicine in September is Rs 195, while in October it has gone straight to Rs 350. Chemists say that many small and big companies are making this drug and almost all the companies have increased its prices.

Explain the reason for the price increase

In this regard, NPPA under Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers was contacted. It has been informed by NPPA that cognizance has been taken on the huge increase in the prices of medicines. Companies making this drug have been asked to explain the reason for the price hike. The cause will be investigated after getting their answers. If the increase is not rational then action will be taken. Sources say that it is broadly seen that the price of drugs has increased in proportion, whether in fact the price of the drug salt has also increased in the same proportion or that the companies are just profiting from the opportunity.

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