Insurance worth two crores, wife and murder… Big twist in hit and run case, husband turns out to be the murderer

A few days ago in Rajasthan’s Jaipur, a woman died due to a collision with an SUV. The accident took place when she was going to visit a temple with her cousin on a bike. Then a car hit from behind, in which he died. In the initial investigation by the police, this accident was considered as a case of hit and run. But when the investigation progressed, people were shocked by what has been revealed. It is now learned that the collision of a bike with an SUV on the Jaipur-Sikar road on October 5 was not an accident but a conspiracy. In the initial investigation, the police thought it was an accident, but after a few days, the police came to know that Shalu Devi’s death could have benefited her husband. He had an insurance of Rs 1.90 crore in his name.

In the greed of this, Shalu’s husband Mahesh Chandra got her murdered. Jaipur West’s DCP Vandita Rana told that Mahesh had given a betel nut of Rs 10 lakh to notorious history-sheeter Mukesh Singh Rathore to get his wife killed. For this, he had paid Rs 5.5 lakh in advance. He said that the police have arrested Mahesh Chandra, Mukesh Rathore and other conspirators. In fact, the police suspected this whole conspiracy because of the fact that tension was going on in the marriage of Mahesh and Shalu. Even after this, Mahesh had taken an insurance policy in the name of his wife this year. Both were living separately since 2017. In such a situation, the police was shocked to take this insurance policy in the name of the wife.

Husband was engaged in conspiracy since months ago, came close like this again

SHO Haripal Singh, involved in the investigation of the case, said, ‘We came to know about 20 days ago that there is an angle of insurance in this case. It was surprising because in 2019 itself, Shalu had filed a dowry harassment case against Mahesh. Hari Pal Singh told that both were married in 2015 and have a daughter. Shalu lodged a complaint at the women’s police station and the police also filed a charge sheet against Mahesh in the dowry harassment case. Police say that Mahesh had made a plan to kill Shalu several months back.

First bought the policy and then planned the murder

Police say that Mahesh first bought the policy in the name of his wife and then started talking to her again. Not only this, in April he also went to Shalu’s house and said that he had prayed for her in a temple. Mahesh asks Shalu to visit the temple 11 times so that her vow can be fulfilled. Police say that sending the temple was also part of the conspiracy so that he could get off the bike and kill him. On October 5, he was standing outside Shalu’s house and when Shalu left, he signaled the people to whom he had given betel nuts. Not only this, Mahesh had also sold Shalu’s jewelery to pay the advance amount to the betel nut killers.

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