Indore News: Controversial words of Vijayvargiya – Agniveers will get priority in the job of guards in BJP offices, tweeted after protest


BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has started a debate by saying a new thing amid the ongoing protests across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme. Vijayvargiya said that Agniveers who came out of Agneepath scheme would be given priority as security guards in BJP offices. After this statement, there was all-round criticism, then Vijayvargiya tweeted that my words were misinterpreted.

In fact, Vijayvargiya was taking a press conference at the BJP office on Sunday. During this he talked about many subjects. When asked a question about the Agneepath scheme, he told about it. During this, Vijayvargiya said that Agniveers who came out of Agneepath scheme would be given priority in the job of security guards in BJP offices. He said that ‘if I want to keep security in this BJP office, then I will give priority to Agniveer’. After this, the protest against his statement started. On this, Varun Gandhi tweeted and wrote, The great army whose heroic tales are unable to be told in the entire dictionary, whose sting of valor is resonant in the whole world, an invitation to that Indian soldier to do ‘Chowkidari’ of a political office, to give it to him. Happy only. Indian Army is a medium of service to Mother Bharati, not just a ‘job’.

Wrote by tweeting – people are presenting the statement by twisting

After the protest, Kailash Vijayvargiya tweeted and wrote, Agniveer, who came out of the Agneepath scheme, will definitely be trained and committed to duty, his excellence will be used in whatever field he will go after completing his service in the army. That is clearly what I meant. People associated with the toolkit are trying to insult the workers by distorting my statement. This would be an insult to the workers of the country. The nation is well aware of the conspiracies of this toolkit gang against the national heroes-religionists.

Confusion is being spread about the plan

Regarding the Agniveer scheme, BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya said on Sunday that confusion is being spread about this scheme. If a soldier is recruited in the army after 21 years and retires in 25 years, then he will roam around with the tag of Agniveer. If I also need to keep security in this BJP office, then we will keep Agniveers. Vijayvargiya said that at present 32 thousand ex-servicemen are in the country. Have you ever found any soldier indulging in terrorist activities and wrongdoings? He said that the Agniveer scheme is not a political decision. Rather, these three army chiefs together have made a proposal, which has been sent to the central government. In different countries of the world, youth are kept on contract in the army. There is no pension system there. Rather, after the completion of four years of service, the central government is also giving Rs 12 lakh. The plan is being misunderstood. Describing the above scheme of the government as beneficial, Vijayvargiya said that when he comes out after serving four years, he will get Rs 11 lakh. will be in his hands. He will walk around with the tag of Agniveer on his chest. Fauji is the name of faith, people have faith in Fauji. Vijayvargiya clarified that the decision of Agneepath scheme is not political. This is the suggestion of the three army chiefs and their team to the government. After Kargil and any kind of war, a commission sits in our country which decides what is lost and what is found. The commission found that the age of our army should be reduced. This is the report of that commission and the process has been going on since then, for almost 20 years. This is not a one day decision. This is a decision taken through the three army chiefs, their team and retired army officers. We are proud that our army is one of the best armies in the world but there is one drawback. The average age of the US military is 25 to 26 years. Russia, France and China have almost the same. It is said that the army there is young whereas the average of the Indian army is 32 years. When the reasons for this were discovered, it was found that in three, four, five, eight years, anyone can work in the army on a contract. These facilities are in China, America, France and Russia.

Condemnation of the statement of the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh

Vijayvargiya said that I heard the statement of the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. He said that if you give weapons to the youth, they will become terrorists. I should not speak like that about him but it is a foolish statement. There are 32 lakh ex-servicemen in the country. Tell a soldier who engages in illegal activity. You are insulting the soldiers by saying this and are doing the work of instigating the youth. Ever heard that soldiers became terrorists. Did he ever use his skill against the country. They should not insult the army like this. I condemn his senseless statement.

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