Indian Railways: Never do such a mistake, playing loud music in the train at night even by mistake…

Indian Railways: The railway network in India is quite vast. Through this, daily lakhs of passengers travel from one place to another. Railways also takes special care of its passengers. For this reason, it keeps on running new trains from time to time. Apart from this, it also makes many such rules, which will benefit the passengers. One such rule has been made regarding the special problems faced by the passengers for a long time.

Actually, whenever you travel in a train and this journey is at night, many times other passengers talk loudly. Apart from this, many passengers also listen to loud music during the night, which disturbs your sleep. In such a situation, many passengers are unable to say anything to them thinking that they may turn around and say that they have also bought the ticket and because of this no one can stop them from playing music or talking loudly. But let us tell you that for this also a rule has been made by the Railways.

If someone plays loud music at night or disturbs you by making noise, then action can also be taken against him. Western Railway had informed about this decision some time ago through a tweet. It was told in the report that the passengers traveling in the train will no longer be able to sleep badly. If someone plays loud music or talks loudly at night, then action can be taken against him on complaining to the Railways.

Passengers traveling in the train after 10 pm can neither disturb others by talking loudly nor listen to loud music. Not only this, many times some passengers even turn on the lights in the train during the night. This causes a lot of trouble to others and disturbs their sleep. Explain that the railway has a clear message that except night lights, all other lights will also have to be switched off at night.

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