Indian Railway: If you get sick in the train then how to get treatment? Know what is the method

Untimely deterioration of health is not a new thing. Especially when you are traveling in a train.. In such a situation this situation is very troublesome. You start worrying about how you will be able to get medical attention in a moving train? There is always a fear that if timely treatment and medicines are not available then the situation may worsen. There have been many such cases where the patient is traveling in the train and due to lack of timely medical advice, his health deteriorates and even he dies, so what will you do in such a situation?

Although, a doctor is definitely present in the train, but through some easy steps, you can connect with the doctor present in the train and get your treatment done on time, let’s know about those steps..

How to call doctor in train?

In case of ill health in the train, first call the helpline number 138 of the railway, if the call on 138 is not received then you can call 9794834924 on this number. After this immediately inform the train manager or TTE about this. It is noteworthy that TTE and doctors are given all emergency training. In such a situation, if treatment of a sick person is refused, then action is taken against them.

You can also use social media

In case of ill health in the train, you can give information about your health by tagging IRCTC on Twitter and filling your PNR and other details. Doing this will help doctors to reach you directly during an emergency.

Railway also provides facilities of new medical boxes in 162 trains for emergency and to assist passengers. In this, 58 types of medicines, every essential thing related to first aid has been provided for the passenger. If you follow these steps, you will be able to get in touch with the doctor immediately. Along with this, during emergency, you will also be able to access essential medicines. However, to call a doctor in the train, you will have to loose your pocket too. The fees of doctors in the train have been increased up to 5 times.

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