India will be on top of the world after 25 years, Amit Shah predicted

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said that India will be at the top position at the global level 25 years from now, making great strides in education, arts and defense sector in the last 75 years. In an event organized at the Victoria Memorial to commemorate 75 years of India’s independence and UNESCO’s declaration of Bengal’s Durga Puja as an intangible world heritage, Shah said the recognition by the global body was a matter of pride for the entire country.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah predicted, “Education, art, defense, name any field – India has made a lot of progress in every field in the last 75 years. It has won international recognition as a great power…when the country reaches its 100th year of independence, India will be at the top position in the world.”

On the issue of UNESCO honoring Durga Puja of Bengal, he said, “It is a matter of pride not only for the state but for the entire country.” Shah said that today people talk of women empowerment, but it was recognized many centuries ago in ancient texts of India. “Women empowerment has been happening in India for centuries,” he said.

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The Home Minister said, “Durga Puja is the worship of Goddess, ‘Stree Shakti’ is women empowerment. She is the one power called upon by all the gods (in the Hindu trinity) – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh – to kill the demon. India has for centuries shown the world how to celebrate women power.” Shah said that before the honor for Durga Puja in December 2021, India has also got UNESCO recognition for Kumbh Mela and Yoga.