India is with France in the war against terror, Macro opposes many places including Mumbai-Bhopal

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In France, the heat of war between the government and fundamentalist organizations is spreading everywhere in the world. In most of the Islamic countries, there are fierce demonstrations against French President Emmanuel Macron, so is happening in many areas in India, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear on Thursday that India is with France in the war against terrorism. He has condemned the recent attacks in France.

Photographs of Macron have been pasted on several streets in Mumbai opposing the President of France. Vehicles are passing over them. On the other hand, in Bhopal too, people of the Muslim community protested, in which thousands of people participated. The BJP has objected to these demonstrations and said that the PM has already made it clear that the country is with France in this fight against terrorism.

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BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra attacked the Maharashtra government, protesting against sticking pictures of Macros on the streets in Mumbai. He wrote, “Government of Maharashtra, what is happening in your government? India stands with France today. The PM of India has pledged to fight with France against the terrorism that is happening in France. Then why insult the French President on the streets of Mumbai?

On the other hand, taking a strong stand on the protests in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that action will be taken against these people. He tweeted, “Madhya Pradesh is an island of peace. We will deal strictly with those who disturb its peace. In this case action is being taken by registering a case under 188 IPC. No culprit will be spared. Whatever it may be. ”

What did the PM say?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday condemned the attacks in France, including a knife attack in the church of Nice, where three people were killed. PM Modi tweeted, “I strongly condemn the recent terrorist attacks in France, including the brutal attack in the Church of Nice today.” Our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the people of France and the families of the victims. India stands with France in the fight against terrorism.

What is the whole controversy?
Significantly, there was a terrorist attack in France after the publication of the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed once again in the magazine Charley Hebdo in France. After this, the government started stricting against radical organizations. Meanwhile, in October, a teacher Samuel Patty was strangled to death after being shown a cartoon of the Prophet in a school in Paris. The president of France honored the teacher posthumously, calling it Islamic terrorism. Earlier he also said that Islam is in danger not only in France but in the whole world. Muslims are angry with Macron’s statement of reverence for the teacher who showed the cartoon. Many countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran have opened a front against France. On Thursday, at least three people were killed in an attack in a church here, in which a woman was strangled. The attacker was shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar during this time.

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