In the election of 5 seats of Bihar Legislative Council, JDU-BJP won two each, one Prashant Kishor team’s Afaq

The counting of votes for the elections held for five seats of the Bihar Legislative Council is over. Sanjeev Kumar Singh of JDU won from Kosi teachers constituency. On the other hand, Prashant Kishor’s Jansuraj supported candidate Afaq Ahmed Saran won the elections from the teacher’s constituency.

Gaya teacher and graduate seat has gone to BJP’s account. BJP candidate Jeevan Kumar from Gaya teacher’s constituency and Awadhesh Narayan Singh from graduate constituency have won. JDU’s Virendra Yadav has won from Saran graduate.

BJP captured both the seats of Gaya, RJD lost one, JDU the other

BJP candidate Awadhesh Narayan Singh won the election from Gaya graduate constituency. He defeated his nearest rival Puneet Kumar Singh of RJD in a tough fight in the counting which started on Wednesday evening at Manaviki Bhawan of Gaya College. Awadhesh Narayan Singh got 24290 votes and Puneet Kumar Singh got 22624 votes. BJP’s Jeevan Kumar defeated JDU’s Sanjeev Shyam Singh in Gaya’s teacher seat.

JDU’s Sanjeev Kumar wins from Kosi

JDU has registered victory in Kosi teacher election. Sanjeev Kumar Singh has captured this seat for the fourth consecutive time. The BJP candidate has faced a crushing defeat. The candidate’s deposit has been forfeited. Sanjeev Singh won the by-election for the first time in 2009 on this seat. After that the flag has been hoisted in 2011, 2017 and 2023. Teacher voters of 14 districts of Kosi, Seemanchal and East Bihar voted in the election.

In Saran, JDU’s Virendra Yadav defeated BJP’s Mahachandra Prasad Singh in graduate, while Team PK’s Afaq Ahmed defeated CPI’s Anand Pushkar in teacher seat. The most surprising result in the election of five seats was the victory of Afaq Ahmed in Saran.

Saran Teacher Seat

Afaq Ahmed (supported by Jasu) – Won
Pushkar Anand (CPI) – Lost

Saran graduate

Dr. Virendra Yadav (JDU) – Won
Mahachandra Singh (NDA) – Lost

gaya graduate seat

Awadhesh Narayan Singh (BJP) – Won
Puneet Singh (RJD) – Lost

gaya teacher seat

Jeevan Kumar (BJP) – Won
Sanjeev Shyam Singh (JDU) – Lost

Kosi Teacher Seat

Sanjeev Singh (JDU) – Won
Yogendra Mahato (Independent) – Defeated

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