Imran will address the nation today: There are two options left for the last ball, face no-confidence motion or resign


The decision given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday has created a stir in the politics there. In a major setback to Imran Khan, the top court has asked him to face the no-confidence motion. The decision given by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Qasim Suri, to reject the no-confidence motion, has been quashed. Parliament has been restored. Responding to this decision of the Supreme Court, Imran Khan said, he will address the country on Friday. In such a situation, Imran is left with only two options on the last ball. One, face the no-confidence motion, the other resign before that. Shahbaz Sharif accused Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri and Prime Minister Imran Khan of “serious treason” and said that both of them face action under “Article 6” of the Pakistani Constitution.


What does ‘Article 6’ of Pakistan say?

Article 6 of the Constitution states that every person who by the use of force or by any unconstitutional means abrogates, abrogates, suspends or temporarily suspends the Constitution of Pakistan or Attempts to commit, or is involved in a conspiracy to make, such attempt. All these things have been described as ‘serious treason’. After the decision of the Supreme Court, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President and main opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif said, the Supreme Court has given such a decision, which not only saved the Constitution of Pakistan, but Pakistan has been saved. By giving this decision, the Supreme Court has put four moons in its prestige and independence. He said that this has restored the dignity of Parliament. At the same time, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, a minister in the Imran Khan government, said that the decision of the Supreme Court has increased political instability. Describing this decision as unfortunate, he said, “Sooner elections could have brought stability in the country, but the importance of the people has not been taken into consideration.”

After the Supreme Court verdict, Bilawal Bhutto wrote on Twitter, ‘Democracy is the best revenge’. Regarding this decision, Maryam Nawaz Sharif said, it is a victory of the Constitution. The work of those who broke the constitution has been completed. Foreign relations expert, defense expert and Senior Fellow of ‘ORF’ Sushant Sarin said in a conversation with a news channel that the drama that Imran Khan had done to save himself in Pakistan’s politics by taking the name of America, should now be exposed. has gone.
Imran Khan did not get the martyrdom he wanted. In this affair, he also pitted America and other western countries against him. A highly confidential letter between the two diplomats was made public. Imran did not stop here, he even said that he is raising the flag of Islam in the world, so everyone has turned against him. After the Supreme Court’s decision, Imran Khan said, I have called a cabinet meeting tomorrow (Friday). There will also be a parliamentary party meeting. I will address the nation in the evening. My message to the country is that I will fight for Pakistan till the last ball.
Imran Khan has moved away from the army!

Since the final decision in Pakistan is taken with the consent of the army, but today Imran Khan has turned away from the army. Brigadier Anil Gupta (Retd), an expert in military affairs, says, whether it is a political platform or business in Pakistan, the final decision is in the hands of the army. Now the army there became neutral towards Imran Khan. Imran had even called the army a beast. Now Imran has no choice. Imran Khan is left with only two options, he should face the no-confidence motion or resign before that. In the drama that Imran Khan did, he took the name of ‘America’, but forgot ‘China’. Imran Khan himself raised the army against himself. He did the right thing by allegedly violating Article 6 of the Constitution. The decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken the political motive of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan’s defeat is certain when the vote on the no-confidence motion will be held on April 9. MQM-P, a main ally of Imran Khan, has also moved into the opposition camp. This party has 7 MPs. Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), a party with five MPs, had also announced to go with the opposition. Imran Khan needs 172 votes in the 342-member National Assembly to save the government. Imran Khan’s party PTI has 155 MPs. In that too, more than two dozen MPs have raised the flag of rebellion. The opposition claims that it has the support of 175 MPs.