IMD Weather Forecast: There will be relief from heat for the next 2 weeks, chances of rain in these areas

IMD Weather Forecast: There will be relief from heat for the next 2 weeks, chances of rain in these areas

IMD Weather Forecast:Fluctuations in temperature will continue during the next two weeks. Heat wave conditions are not expected over rest of the country except Coastal Karnataka and Goa. The Meteorological Department said in a report released on Friday that in the beginning of March, the temperature in northwest India, northeast and northwest Madhya Pradesh remained between 27-34 degrees, which was 3-5 degrees above normal, but on March 6-8 During this, it declined due to rain and drizzle in many areas. However, the maximum temperature in the southern Indian states remained in the range of 34-38 degrees Celsius and Coastal Karnataka experienced a heat wave between March 3-5. While Goa witnessed heat wave on March 8.

The Meteorological Department said that there was no rain in most parts of the country during March 1-8. A total of 2 mm of rain fell against 11.5 mm, which is 82 per cent less than normal. Northwest India received 65 per cent less rainfall than normal during the week.

It may rain in these areas

The department has said in the forecast released during the next two weeks that two western disturbances are likely to be active during this period, which may cause rain in the plains. During the initial days during March 9-15, there will be an increase of 2-4 degrees in the temperature of Northwest India but it will decrease later. In other plain areas of the country, this increase can be up to 4-6 degrees. During the week of March 16-22, the minimum temperature over most parts of the country is likely to be 1-3 degrees below normal. However, in the Himalayan region it may remain slightly higher.

Will get relief from heat stroke

The department said that due to Western Disturbance, there will be fluctuating temperatures during both the weeks and again heatwave conditions may be seen over Coastal Karnataka, Konkan and Goa during the week of March 91-15. But there is no possibility of heatwave in other parts of the country during both the weeks. Moderate rain is expected during these weeks.

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