IGNOU: Agniveers will get IGNOU’s gift, three-year BA and B.Com degree in graduation


Agniveers will be offered three-year BA and B.Com degrees by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). This degree is being specially designed for Agniveers under the National Policy on Education (NEP) 2020. The degree will of course be designed under the NEP, but will not have the option of research and honors.

The three-year undergraduate degree program will be of 120 credits in total. In this, 50 percent credit will be given to the training of Agniveer’s respective army. Meaning, 60 credits will be part of Agniveer’s training to three years of job. Whereas he will have to gain 60 credits from the course studies and examinations. The special thing is that after completing the first year of studies, you will get a certificate, after the second year you will get a diploma and after completing the third year you will get a degree. Agniveer will get six years to complete the three-year degree.

IGNOU Prof. Vice Chancellor Prof. Shrikant Mohapatra informed that Agneepath scheme has been launched by the Government of India recently. Under this, this graduate degree program is being started for the Agniveers to be recruited in the Army, Navy and Air Force. This undergraduate degree program will run in blended mode. This means that under the online mode, they will be able to study in online classes from anywhere. Apart from this, printing material will also be given to the candidate along with it, so that there is no hindrance in studies.

Even if Agniveer leaves the job after two or three years in between, he will continue to pursue his bachelor’s degree program. But in this, he has to earn 60 credits from the skills he gets during the job or training, then studying under the curriculum and taking exams. The candidate must earn a total of 40 credits each year. In this, it will be mandatory to earn 20 credits from training and 20 credits from studies. This degree program will be valid like any other degree program. This degree will also be valid in jobs in government and private sector companies.

Opportunity to enroll in Agniveer degree

Pro. According to Mohapatra, this special undergraduate degree program has been prepared by IGNOU for Agniveers. Only after getting admitted in this, Agniveer will be able to register for admission in this degree program. Economics, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Mathematics, Education, Commerce, Tourism, Business Studies, Agriculture and Astrology etc. have been included in this degree program. At present, the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) is preparing for the credits to be received during military training of Agniveers. This will give recognition to the skill, so that later there is no problem in the job.

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